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By Mike Johnson on 2016-04-18 16:28:00

The future of TNA, long and short-term, has been a major topic of discussion over the last few weeks.  With this week's Impact Wrestling tapings set for Universal Studios Florida, here is where things currently stand.

Since January 2016, TNA has been working with Aroluxe, a marketing and production company based in Tennessee that has taken over TNA's production as part of a deal that, according to multiple sources, sees Aroluxe handle all of the expenditures for TNA tapings and then sees TNA reimburse them for expenses as well as pay them for their services.   Aroluxe is the company that former pro wrestlers Ron and Don Harris (then known as The Bruise Brothers) have been involved with.  It provides TV Production, social media management, media buying, web management and other services to clients. 

The word that has made the way around TNA performers in the past week is that a payment to Aroluxe is due imminently (one version of the story is that the payment is due today, another is that it is due Wednesday) and that based on TNA's contract with Aroluxe, if the payment is not made, Aroluxe would then be able to claim majority ownership of TNA Wrestling, leaving Dixie Carter a minority owner.   We have not been able to 100% confirm that but that version of the story has made it's way around a big portion of the company's roster over the last seven days.

PWInsider reached out to a number of sources within TNA and none of them would be willing to discuss the situation, much less confirm what we have heard.  One person told me that if anyone should comment on the situation, it should be Dixie Carter and no one else. reached out to Carter this afternoon.

For those wondering where Panda Energy stands on the chess board, Panda completely divested themselves of TNA a long time ago and hasn't put money into the company dating back 4-5 years.  They no longer have any ownership.  Once Dixie Carter bought out Jeff Jarrett from his shares last year, she was the one and only stockholder.    That may change later this week if reports we are hearing are correct.

In recent months, Ron and Don Harris have been regularly seen at the TNA offices and have been meeting with different areas of the company to the point that should Aroluxe take over, there likely wouldn't a blip since they are already familiar and integrated into how the company operates.

So, where things stand based on what we have heard appear to be going in one of two directions - TNA reimburses Aroluxe and things remain at their status quo or Aroluxe takes over the reigns of the company.  It would appear that should the latter happen, Dixie Carter would remain in some capacity, although what this would mean for the remainder of the TNA officials, staff, roster, etc. remains up in the air.

Unless something unforeseen happens, such as Carter finding another buyer for the company who completely buys out herself and takes care of the Aroluxe issue, either way it's going to be a very interesting few days in Nashville before TNA gets to TV in Florida.   It should be noted that there have been others interested in TNA in the past (and even in recent weeks, there's been talk of multiple interested parties), but Carter has previously turned down all sale offers.  Depending on how the week goes, she may no longer be in that position. 

Time will tell but we may be on the cusp of a new chapter for TNA Wrestling.

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