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By Mike Johnson on 2016-03-21 16:34:00

TNA Executive Bob Ryder noted the following on Twitter:

The word making the rounds is that one of the signings is Laura Dennis, 28, who is best known on the independents as Cherry Bomb and has appeared on a number of TNA One Night Only PPVs under the the Cherry Bomb ring name as well as her real name.

New TNA champion Drew Galloway got engaged last week, according to The Daily Record.  Our best to him and his fiancee!

TNA Impact is now taped through 4/26.  The next tapings look to be sometime that month.

For those who asked about TNA rescheduling it's tour of India, the last we heard is the plans were for that to happen sometime this summer.

TNA released the following video of Drew Galloway reacting to his TNA title win:


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