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By Mike Johnson on 2016-03-19 20:35:00

Former TNA champions Bobby Roode and Eric Young will be finishing their TNA commitments at tonight's Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando, Florida, has confirmed with multiple sources.

The story making the rounds is that Roode and Young each requested releases from their TNA deals and their working this past week's Impact Wrestling tapings were part of those agreements.

Roode, 39, is currently one half of the TNA Tag Team champions Beer Money, an act that was just resurrected at the onset of the year with the return of James Storm to the company.    Roode has been a good soldier for the company, debuting in 2004 as part of the Team Canada group and slowly made his way up the ladder, eventually winning the TNA championship.   We are told that Roode is a free agent as of tomorrow.

The current King of the Mountain champion, Young, 36, has been with TNA since 2004 as well.  Something of a chameleon for the promotion, Young has filled every role imaginable over the course of his 12 year run - from paranoid underdog babyface to foreign menace villain to masked super hero to most recently out of his mind evil villain.  Young was also the host and star of several Animal Planet reality series.  Young and the company had been negotiating a new deal but Young made the decision to instead ask for a release to the company.  Young is also a free agent as of tomorrow.

While Roode has not publicly commented, Young wrote the following on  Twitter earlier today, "Heading to the building and thinking back on the last 12 years....... What a wild ride!!!!"

PWInsider has reached out to TNA and has been told a statement is forthcoming.

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