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By Mike Johnson on 2016-03-10 09:51:00

Officially announced for the WWE NXT Takeover: Dallas event is NXT champion Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe and Austin Aries vs. Baron Corbin.

Lana has been seen at the WWE Performance Center of late, training for what certainly appears to be her debut match at Wrestlemania against Brie Bella.

WWE has already started to book talents for the Global Cruiserweight Series this summer as they have issued emails to talents informing them they will be taking part of the series.

Sami Zayn is officially a regular on the Raw/Smackdown roster going forward. 

For those asking about the potential debut of Karl Anderson and Doc/Luke Gallows, as we noted in the Elite section of last week, the belief is they will debut around Wrestlemania, most likely shortly afterward.  The Balor Club name has been mentioned quite a bit internally in related to the team, so the real question then becomes how they will be connected to Finn Balor and whether this means he'll be moving up to Raw and Smackdown TV soon.  Time will tell.

As we reported last week in the Elite section as well, lucha star Humberto Garza Jr., the cousin of the late Hector Garza, is in Orlando this week for a WWE tryout at the Performance Center.  23 years old, Garza has been wrestling seven years, he's also worked as El Hijo del Ninja and El Ninja Jr.  While it's been credited to us that he's signed with WWE, PWInsider never reported that.

With the announcement of Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando, a new round of rumors about WWE opening a physical Hall of Fame in Orlando at what was formerly the NBA-themed restaurant at Universal Studios' Citiwalk have started.  None of the new reports have featured any additional information beyond what was previously rumored, which was that WWE would have a HOF attraction/restaurant on the site.  For those wondering, there was no talk about a HOF at any of the Wrestlemania Orlando events nor did WWE tour the rumored property, which was a story making the rounds in the theme park industry.  While it's entirely possible they will indeed open the Hall in that location, there's no movement behind the scenes that we have heard as of today.

WWE has released a Naomi t-shirt.

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