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By John Shepherd on 2016-02-28 02:34:00

Ring Of Honor taped four episodes tonight in Las Vegas. It looks like these will start airing in two weeks.

Announced as an Internet Exclusive match: Brian Kendrick Def. Will Ferrara with a rollup.

TV Week 1

ROH TV Title Match: Started as BJ Whitmer V. Tomohiro Ishii, but befoee the match Veda Scott paid Whitmer to leave and allow Cedric Alexander to take his place. Ishii defeated Alexander with a  brainbuster.

The Addiction had a promo saying Chris Sabin should apologize for turning on them, said it doesnt matter what generation they are from, they are Generation Killers. Sabin and Alex Shelley come out and run off Daniels and Kaz, they challenge for a match right now, but The Addiction declined.

Reno Scum V. Briscoes. Briscoes win with Mark hitting froggy bow on one of the Scum members.

TV main event: Young Bucks V. Michael Elgin & Hiroshi Tanahashi.  Tanahashi wins for his team with High Fly Flow.

Post match The Addiction attack The Bucks, and were saved by the Guns.

Week 2

Four Corner Survival: Roderick Strong V. Adam Page V. Moose V. Matt Sydal. Finish comes when Strong pins Page.

Story time with Adam Cole, saying he will be the next world champ. Matt Taven comes out, and says Cole failed The Kingdom, and he will form a new  Kingdom in his image.

Cheeseburger V. ? The opponent was never announced but he looked like a new age Missing Link. ANX attack the unknown wrestler, read mean tweets about them, talk about being better than every other tag team, then beat up Burger until War Machine and the Briscoes run them off. The Briscoes then pick up the tag belts and they square off with Hanson and Rowe.

TV Main Event-ROH World Championship match: Hirooki Goto V. Jay Lethal. Good back and forth match with Goto getting a near fall after hitting Ushi-Goroshi. Lethal eventually wins with Lethal Injection after interference from Truth Martini and Taeler Hendrix.

Post match Donovan Dijak comes out with Prince Nana, runs off Lethal and lays out Truth with a boot. Truth laid motionless on the mat for five + minutes with referees and staff checking on him while Hendrix was screaming for a doctor and Lethal ran to the back and then back to the ring. Truth was carried out a side door on a table that was being used as a stretcher.

Week 3

ReDRagon V. Kazuchika Okada & Gedo. ReDRagon pinned Gedo after hitting Chasing The Dragon.

Adam Cole V. Kushida. I thought this was the best match of the night, with Cole and Kushida going back and forth. Cole gets the win with his brainbuster on his knee.

TV Main Event: The Addiction V. The Machine Guns. No more Motor City in the name for Sabin & Shelley. The Guns win after hitting Outta Time.

Post match, The Addiction attack the Guns. Matt Sydal and Kushida save them, but then the Young Bucks attack Sydal, Kushida, and the Guns. The faces eventually overcome the odds. While celebrating there was a group hug, even though they made it look like Kushida was uneasy with Sabin.

Week 4

ROH World Tag Team title match: Roppongi Vice V. War Machine. RPG got in some offense, even attempting Strong Zero on Hanson. War Machine wins after hitting fallout.

Promo with Prince Nana and Donovan Dijak. Nana said its none of our business what is in the envelopes and hands the mic to Dijak, who said he was protecting the House Of Truth since he won the Top Prospect tournament last year but he's looking to be the next World champ. Jay Lethal and Taeler Hendrix hit the ring, with Lethal and Dijak brawling up the aisle and Hendrix trying to get to Nana.

ACH V. Kenny Omega. Omega was way over with the crowd, but was not announced as IWGP Intercontinental champion. Very good back and forth between ACH and Omega, which Omega  wins with the One Winged Angel.

TV Main Event: Silas Young V. Dalton Castle in a Fight Without Honor. Castle's entrance was different when the Boys ripped off his T-shirt, and were sent to the back, before he charged Young. A lot of brawling and plunder in this match. The finish came when Castle backdropped Young over the top rope through a table, and got the pin with a Bangarang on a chair. After the pin they shot confetti from the stage while Castle and the Boys celebrated. As they were shooting the YouTube post show at ringside, Silas got back to his feet to applause and was helped to the back.

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