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By Adam Cardoza on 2021-04-22 08:51:00

ACTION Wrestling “Oops, We Forgot to Buy an Anniversary Present!”

Taped 4/16/21 - Tyrone, GA

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Yes, it is ACTION’s 3rd anniversary and, hot off the heels of one of Wrestlemania week’s best shows, we have a card stacked with debuts, returns and an absolute hype-worthy main event. It’s a one-show night for ACTION so they are going all out on this one. Scott Hensley is your announcer. Dylan Hales (who somehow still has a voice after the week before) and Johnny Mosely are your commentators! 

Match 1: BK Westbrook vs Cabana Man Dan

Westbrook is a smooth customer, cocky as they come. Cabana Man Dan has been slowly working a more aggressive attitude and the crowd reaction for him is huge. BK and CMD are pretty even on the ground, Dan knows the answer to a lot of his tricks. BK drops Dan but choose to pose instead of capitalize. Dan with a high angle arm drag spins out BK. Westbrook uses the ropes for a few shortcuts on CMD’s neck. Double knees for two. Dan tries a victory roll off an electric chair but can’t get it. Dan firing out of the corner with forearms but Westbrook trips Dan into the top buckle and nearly takes him out. BK working an ankle lock but CMD kicks his way free with the other foot. Bk hot shots CMD on the rope again, rolls up into a TKO and immediately slaps on a dragon sleeper. Dan uppercuts his way out, tries Surf’s Up, crossbody reversal and a leg lariat. CMD starches the kid with a hop over mule kick and a code red for two. BK rakes the eyes and hits a flip cutter for a flash near fall. He whiffs a springboard moonsault. BK escapes another Surf’s Up and CMD rolls him up, traps the arms and gets the three! This was a LOT of fun. BK had a great showing here, trying to use the ring to his advantage against fan favorite CMD. 

Winner: Cabana Man Dan

Matt Sells is back in the ACTION arena to join commentary after his war last month against Arik Royal that led to a injury at the hands of Jaden Newman. As Johnny Mosely says “You cannot have an ACTION party without the Boozerweight!”

Match 2: “The Suplex Assassin” Alex Kane vs “The Locksmith” Brandon Williams

Kane controls Williams on the ground early with a gator roll. The Locksmith grabs the wrist and they get to trading holds....until Kane remembers he’s the SUPLEX ASSASSIN and Williams takes his first big bump of the contest. Kane tries an X-Plex but Brandon with the rollup and a disrespectful head slap....Kane clubs a forearm and hits a big vertical suplex. Williams trying to lock in an armbar and getting more confident in that world...until he tries to suplex Kane and eats an X-plex. A pair of big gutwrench suplexes. A trio of german suplexes. A tries another but Williams rolls through into an ankle lock! He drags Kane to the center but gets launched into the buckle. Kane with a high-angle Blu-Ray, drop the straps and hits the Mark of Kane (cradle suplex) for the pin. This was an even match on the ground but Kane’s power wouldn’t be denied. Good fight here. When does he get his shot?

Winner: Alex Kane

Jaden Newman has showed up in the ACTION arena. He’s not supposed to be here!   He doesn’t even work here any more! He says that “The Bald Monkeys Podcast”, longtime sponsor of ACTION, is a better friend to Jaden Newman and that’s how he’s allowed back in. He takes time to run down Matt Sells at the commentary table...who doesn’t take kindly to that. Newman and Sells go at it on the mic until Sells demands Newman get reinstated to ACTION so he can beat him bloody once his leg is healed up. ACTION CEO Matt Griffin gives Sells what he wants....Newman will be reinstated for Sells to beat on....but not tonight. With that, security chases Jaden from the building. 

Match 3: Orion Bishop vs “The Redneck Ruler” Kavron Kanyon

Kav is pretty happy-go-lucky at the bell and Bishop makes him regret that. Charge to the corner and big gut punches. Kav uses his speed advantage to stagger Bishop but he’s getting overpowered and over committing trying to slam his bigger opponent. Bishop with a big belly to belly, staggers Bishop with jabs but gets annihilated by a huge pounce. Bishop misses a Vader bomb and Kanyon finally get his slam! Springboard elbow drop for two! Kav tries a package piledriver but Orion punches out his knees. Bishop with a sitout tombstone for the pin. Bishop ran Kavron over with his power and immediately calls out Alex Kane for a future matchup. Yes please. 

Winner: Orion Bishop 

Match 4: Brogan Finlay vs Bobby Flaco

Yes indeed, this is one of Fit Finlay’s sons! He’s out here in a spiked leather jacket while Bobby Flaco parties with the crowd on his way to the ring. Flaco frustrating Finlay early, getting in his head by constantly powdering out to work the crowd. Finlay wants Flaco back in the Flaco arm drags him to the floor and takes the center. Flaco continues this until Finlay picks his shot and hits a European uppercut, taking Flaco out of the sky. Big suplex for a one count. Finlay using his size advantage and hits some big offense and grinds Bobby down. Flaco tries to fight out but lands in a Finlay roll. Flaco stuns with a boot, a series of forearms and chops in the corner....X-factor off the corner! Flaco with a wheelbarrow flatliner for two! Finlay dodges a baseball slide to the outside and slams Flaco to the apron. Blue Thunder bomb in the center! Flaco kicks out! Finlay is getting frustrated at his resilient opponent. Bobby stuns with the baseball slide and hits a crossbody off the top to get the pin! Flaco is really over with this crowd but Finlay made an impact here tonight. Liked this a lot. 

Winner: Bobby Flaco

Match 5: “The Heathen” Logan Creed vs Ben Buchanan  

A 2nd generation wrestler, Buchanan has a HUGE test against Logan Creed. Buchanan offers a handshake but it’s a PSYCHE! That’s probably a mistake. Creed gets him down but Ben manages to tweak Creed’s arm with his legs. Creed crash’s him to the mat with a shoulder block and Buchanan immediately powders to get his brains back. Ben hits clothesline and sends Creed to the floor. Ben does pushups while he waits for Creed to return. Both guys trading in the corner, running each other into the buckles. Creed runs into a boot and Buchanan with a top rope leg drop! Kick out! Creed hits a middle rope face smash to the mat. Buchanan reverses a chokeslam into a clotheline and arm bar. Creed punches his way free but walks into a powerslam! Buchanan unlaces his boot and uses the lace to choke out Creed! It takes him a moment to relace the boot and eats a chokebreaker. Buchanan with a spinebuster but Creed locks in a head and arm triangle. Buchanan stacks the pin to break it but Creed stays on the attack. Superplex! Slugfest in the center! Buchanan wants a series of elbow drops but he takes too much time flaunting and falls into a choke. Creed with a curb stomp variant sends Buchanan out. Creed gets trapped up on the top after a missed boot. Buchanan comes flying with a clotheline. He sets up a big lariat to finish but Creed catches him with his full Nelson facebuster for the pin. Logan Creed is another person who is on an absolute TEAR in ACTION over the last year. Really enjoyed this as Buchanan gave the big man a very competitive fight here. 

Winner: Logan Creed

Match 6: The Skulk (Adrian Alanis & Liam Gray) vs Takuri & King Garuda

The Skulk aren’t so happy with their crowd reaction so they make ACTION run it back again so they’ll be satisfied. They are happy until they into it with the fans at ringside. Garuda was flat out embarrassed by Alanis a few shows back so he’s looks for revenge. Good high athletic back and forth between Takuri and Liam to kick this off, Gray is VERY surprised that Takuri is keeping pace. Takuri catches Liam in a wheelbarrow and giant swings him around in it. Alanis in with fury against Garuda but the King is matching him move for move. This goes to the outside when the Skulk takes over control, taking out Garuda and doubling up on Takuri back between the ropes. The Skulk dominating Takuri while continually knocking Garuda off the apron. Great backbreaker/neckbreaker combo for a two count on Takuri. Takuri fights through and hits a doubleDDT on the Skulk, Garuda finally gets the tag! Garuda cleaning house. O’Connor roll for into a german for two on Liam. Liam powders and Garuda with a corkscrew dive to the Skulk at ringside. Takuri in to hit Liam with a wheelbarrow cutter combo. Alanis cuts off another combo. Garuda dropped with a flying knee and discus clotheline. Skulk have it wrapped up? NO! Takuri off the top to break up the pin! Big dive spot to the outside, The Skulk get into the face of a child at ringside and Takuri uses the distraction to lure Liam into for a rollup. Liam’s down for the three! Lot of action here, the Skulk are showing why they are one of the best tandems in ACTION right now but they are still distractable. Takuri and Garuda had a much better outing this show and worked a really entertaining match with Alanis & Gray here. Good stuff. 

Winners: King Garuda & Takuri

Match 7: CT Keys vs Ashton Starr

Keys showing his power early and sending Starr to the ropes over and over. Keys with a waistlock takedown but Starr grabs into a headlock and tries to wear CT down. Ashton with a cradle, Keys is out and landing big shots, flips back and hits a big shoulder tackle that sends Starr to the outside. Flying knee from the apron but Starr posts Keys and hits a big boot. Keys ducks a shot and pops Ashton up to a neckbreaker for two. Starr with a few boots to the face and a two count. Starr with a deep boston crab, he gets dragged back to the center but Keys is able to flip out of the hold with his powerful legs. Starr caught running and eats a flying lariat and Michanoku driver for two. Keys tries a delayed vertical suplex. Starr with a knee to reverse it into a northern lights for two. Starr misses a split leg moonsault, Keys hits a pump handle neckbreaker and sliding lariat for a Cloooooooosssssse two. Keys misses a spear, Ashton with a scissor kick and that’s the match! Both guys went for it here, trying to notch their first win in ACTION. Really entertaining sprint of a match here. 

Winner: Ashton Starr

Main Event: AC Mack vs Alan Angels (w/ Robin Renegade) (Last Man Standing)

After costing AC Mack the ACTION Championship against Arik Royal, Alan Angels followed that up with a very controversial pinfall win against the former champ at “You Can’t Do That In A Wrestling Ring”. Mack DEMANDED this match to get his retribution. Angels doesn’t let Mack have the satisfaction of introducing himself as he makes his entrance and we got right into the punching before the music even cuts off. Angels with a Spanish fly right away and rains blows down. Mack slammed to the stage and Angels goes right for a table.Mack cuts that off with a flying knee and batters Alan around the ring, slingshotting him into the post at one point. Angels eats the wall and the stairs. Mack drapes him on top of the stairs for a drive-by boot. Mack doesn’t want the win JUST YET and proceeds to beat Angels with a chair. Robin Renegade inserts herself into the fight, pulling the leg and helping Angels hit an atomic drop/Hart Attack. Robin beating and choking Mack with a leather belt while Angels is being a proud player/coach from the top rope. He hits a chair-assisted double stomp to the back. Robin continues the beat down with a crutch...she misses a double knees in the corner. Mack with a series of lariats! Robin sent out and Mack superplexes Angels into a double count situation. Mack hitting and choking the life out of Angels with a chair but he makes the count.  Angels escapes the Mack-10 and hits a home run chair shot to the knee of Mack. Angels homes in on that limb, pushing down on a reverse single leg crab....Alan grabs the crutch for more leverage and Mack is screaming! He is barely able to get to his feet at 9. Angels is resolved to prevent Mack from standing and continues to target the leg. Angels takes him to the stage for a finishing shot but Mack hits a piledriver and the ref starts his count. They both roll off the stage to their feet at 9.5. Mack with a boot to the face as he starts to get his confidence and anger back.  Angels wants another one but Mack may have blown his knee coming in. Another double down as the crowd getting into “This is Awesome” mode. Each barely able to to make it to their feet to get their shots in, Mack catches Angels off the ropes with the Mack-10! Robin pulls Angels off the apron to his feet, Mack comes running and Angels lets him spear her through the table against the stage. Back in the ring, Angels with a solid low uppercut and tries a Brodie Lee style powerbomb. Mack gets out of it and hits a Mack-10. He knows he needs a little more so he hits another, planting Angels face into a chair. Alan looks like he might be up at 9 but he’s punched out and collapses to take the loss. Aweeeeeesome hard-hitting fight here. 

Winner: AC Mack

And that’s it for ACTION Wrestling’s 3rd Anniversary show! Coming on the heels of their excellent card in Tampa, this show had a lot of energy to follow and the guys stepped up to the task. A solid undercard that injected a whole new crop of hungry talent to the ACTION ecosystem and a big fight main event. Everyone brought their A-game to this show and the very hot crowd ate up all those good baby face wins. And again, that main event. *chef kiss* Check this out on IWTV if you have a chance. I really enjoyed this one and I’m sure to be bringing all these names up again in the months to come. Until then!

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