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By Mike Johnson on 2017-08-25 12:02:00

One of the hottest acts in professional wrestling right now is the tag team of Nick and Matt Jackson, the Young Bucks, who have blazed a trail all their own through their exploits globally in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Ring of Honor and independent promotions great and small.  With Hot Topic selling their t-shirts and an insane, undying level of fan support unseen previously on the independent pro wrestling level, it's only natural to speculate as to when a team that talented and so polarizing will end up with an offer from World Wrestling Entertainment.

So, when could such a thing happen?  Certainly not today, as the Jacksons are currently under contract to Ring of Honor and are the current  reigning ROH Tag Team and Six Man Tag Team champions (alongside Adam Page), but down the line, well, as the promotional line goes, anything can happen in WWE right?   

This past Friday, spoke with someone who knows the Bucks intimately well, former WWE champion AJ Styles.  While speaking with Styles at the WWE 2K18 videogame launch event, asked Styles for his prediction as to when The Bucks might end up migrating to WWE.

"Oooh man, that is a tough question," admitted Styles, who teamed with the Bucks as part of Bullet Club in ROH and New Japan before his own WWE debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble event. 

"For guys who know to do what they do and they've got it done before they even get, I would say....oh, that's a tough question, man....I give them five years, at the most.  Within five years.  Yeah.  That's my timeline."

While the idea might seen unfathomable to those used to the Bucks' work and antics inside and outside the ring, Styles reminds them that the landscape of WWE is changing before our eyes.

"What do you think, had the people asked, 'Do you think AJ Styles would come here?', if you could have asked that ten years ago?  What do you think people would have said then?"  

Styles let the question float in the air, before reminding, "You never know, man."

One never does.  Meltzer Drivers on Raw could indeed be a reality one day.

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