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By Stuart Carapola on 2014-04-05 18:50:15
It's main event time!

Six Man Tournament Finals: Ricochet, AR Fox & Rich Swann vs Anthony Nese, Caleb Konley & Trent Baretta vs Lince Dorado & The Colony

This match is being held under elimination rules, and after a brief schmozz at the beginning, we come down to Ricochet and Nese, and Ricochet takes Nese over with a flying headscissors, then Baretta comes in and takes a beating at not only the hands of Ricochet, but Dorado as well. Ricochet and Dorado do a quick sequence before Swann and Fox come in to double team Dorado. The Colony returns the favor by double teaming Swann, then they turn their attention to Konley. Ricochet rolls Konley to the mat and gets an Indian Deathlock, Green Ant comes in and gets a hold on Ricochet, and now it's the spot where everyone has a hold on someone, but Nese comes in to break that up. Ricochet takes Nese out with a spinning enziguiri, but Baretta comes in and turns him inside out with a clothesline. Fire Ant is in next, then Konley, then Fox, then Green Ant, then Swann, then Nese rolls Swann up for 2, lifts him up with one arm, and powerbombs him over the top onto a bunch of guys on the floor. Dorado hits Ricochet with a shooting star press and gets a very close 2. Now everyone starts doing dives to the floor. Green Ant gets the CHIKARA Special, but Konley breaks it up and finds himself trading chops with Dorado. I look away for a second to catch up on typing, and when I turn back Konley is covering Dorado to eliminate the CHIKARA trio.

Lince Dorado & The Colony are eliminated.

The PAB has Swann in trouble, and Nese hovers over Swann and hammers his face with forearms, then drags him back to the PAB corner and viciously stomps on his chest. Konley bodyslams Swann into the corner, then Baretta tags in and rakes his boot laces across Swann's face. Baretta puts Swann on the top rope and Swann fights him off and tries a crossbody, but Baretta dropkicks him on the way down and covers for 2. Swann finally tags out to Ricochet, and the champ comes in and tears through both Nese and Konley. Fox hits a springboard dive that wipes out Konley and Baretta, but Nese is in the ring and hits a pump handle sitout powerbomb on Ricochet for 2. Fox springboards into the ring with an Ace Crusher for 2, then Baretta comes in and hits Fox with a tornado DDT, then Swann zips in and hits Baretta with the Lethal Injection for 2. Konley pops Swann way up and powerbombs him on the way down, then Ricochet comes in and gives Konley a rolling northern lights suplex followed by a brainbuster. Baretta comes in and goes for a Dudebuster, but Fox dropkicks Baretta and Ricochet hits a Code Red. Ricochet's team all hit their finishers on Nese, but Konley breaks the pinfall attempt up. Fox sits Konley on the top rope and hits Lo Mein Pain, but Baretta drills Fox with a running knee to the back of the head and covers him for the win.

Winners: Anthony Nese, Caleb Konley & Trent Baretta

The fans were not happy with that one, chanting "fire Russo" as the PAB celebrate their win. I'll say this about the match, I thought DGUSA had to do something when all the Japanese guys couldn't make it, and doing a three way main event seemed like as good an idea as any and I don't blame them for trying it, but there was just way too much going on with nine guys in there. I was so busy It became a lot more watchable once the CHIKARA guys were out, but by that point the fans semeed to have lost interest even though everyone was throwing it all out there. Not their strongest Wrestlemania weekend six man, but not for lack of effort.

Overall, this was like two different shows smashed into one. On the one hand you had some really good wrestling in matches like the opener and Low Ki vs Gargano, and on the other hand you had stuff I can understand the fans not being into, like the Chuck Taylor stuff and the main event. I definitely think Mercury Rising 2014 was worth the money and I will give it a recommendation, but be warned that some things on this show probably seemed like a better idea on paper than they turned out to be in practice. Also, WWNLive REALLY needs to fix the sound quality when people are using the house mic, it sounds awful over the iPPV and, at times, live as well.

Thanks for reading's coverage of Mercury Rising 2014! Don't forget to check out Dave Scherer's coverage of the WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony, then we'll be back tomorrow to cover the big one, Wrestlemania 30!

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