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By Mike Johnson on 2014-04-04 20:35:21

Ladder War: ROH champion Adam Cole vs. Jay Briscoe

There are three ladders at ringside, including one massive ladder. They began brawling. Briscoe got the better of Cole and sent him to the outside. He went for a dive but was hit in the face with a chair. Cole then drilled him hard across the back with a steel chair.

Cole worked over Briscoe and nailed a DVDR across an open chair. Cole went to get a ladder but Briscoe dropkicked the hell out of it and sent him like a bullet into the guard. He tossed a ladder into the ring. Briscoe, who was bleeding hardway, headbutt Cole and nailed him a chair.

Briscoe wedged a chair in the corner and beat on Cole but missed a charge and drilled himself into the chair. Cole set a ladder leaning against the ropes and suplexed him across it. Cole nailed Briscoe with a ladder and then drove it into him again. That busted Briscoe open hardway.

Briscoe nailed Cole with a ladder and tossed him to the floor. They fought in the aisle and a second ladder was tossed into the ring, this time a larger one. They battled on the floor and Briscoe nailed Cole with a chair.

Briscoe bridged a ladder and placed Cole on it then hit a senton onto the ladder. He teased setting up a ladder to go get the belts but instead went for a table. Cole was placed on the table. Briscoe climbed a massive ladder but Cole nailed him. He brought Briscoe onto the apron and attempted to DVDR him to the table below but Briscoe battled back, culminating with a powerbomb onto a ladder in the corner.

They battled on the top and Cole superkicked Briscoe off the ropes, taking a back bump into a ladder. Cole was climbing the ladder but Briscoe came from beneath and placed him on his shoulders, then just threw him off onto the ladder. That was a sick looking spot. The crowd chanted. “This is awesome.”

Briscoe nailed a hangman’s neckbreaker. He set up several chairs in the ring and stomped the hell out of Cole. Briscoe placed a ladder atop of the chairs. Briscoe just dumped Cole down hard. He placed Cole across the ladder and went for a top rope splash, which missed.

They wielded chairs and Cole got the better of the exchange. Cole set up a ladder but Briscoe nailed him with a chair. The crowd chanted, “ROH.” They each climbed the ladder and battled atop of it. Briscoe punched him off the ladder and Cole took a big bump to the ring.

Briscoe climbed to the top where the belts were but saw Cole down there and changed his mind, going back to the ring. He nailed a Jay-Driller. He grabbed a chair but Matt Hardy dragged him out of the ring and nailed a Twist of Fate on the floor. He placed Cole on his shoulders and pushed him up the ladder. Mark Briscoe ran out and slipped under Hardy, powerbombing him and Cole into the ring at the same time.

Hardy was placed on a ladder outside and Mark climbed up to dive off but Mike Bennett ripped the ladder over. Jay and Cole returned to the ring and began battling back and forth. Briscoe killed him with a Jay Driller. He began climbing up but Bennett grabbed his leg. Jay fought him off and nailed another Jay Driller, this one on Bennett.

Briscoe climbed up but Matt Hardy pulled him down and went for the Twist of Fate. Briscoe blocked it and nailed the Jay Driller. Cole climbed the ladder and Jay met him at the top. They battled and Cole knocked him down. Briscoe tried to make his way up and shake Cole off but failed as Cole pulled the belts down.

Your winner and still the ROH champion, Adam Cole!

Just a super psycho main event. This was a fun show!

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