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By Mike Johnson on 2014-04-04 20:35:21
Welcome to’s live, ongoing coverage of Supercard of Honor 8 in New Orleans, LA!

Luke Hawx vs. Mike Posey vs. Corey Hollis vs. The Romantic Touch

Everyone shook hands with some Code of Honor action before the bell. There was a “Let’s go Luke Hawx” chant since he’s well known in these parts.

He and Posey started and went back and forth on the mat. Posey shoved him so Hawx shoved him down on the mat. They went back and forth and Hollis tagged in He and Posey went back and forth.

The Romantic Touch tagged uin and locked up with Hollis. Touch missed a charge in the corner but nailed an elbow out of the other. Posey tagged himself back in as Touch strutted around the ring. Posey nailed a series of legdrops. Hawx tagged in and pressed and dropped Posey.

Touch tagged in and charged Hawx. They had a nice exchange ending with a Hawx belly to belly suplex. Hawx did a quebrada fron the outside to the inside of the ring but missed. This started a nice sequence where everyone went for a big move but missed. Touch nailed a spinning back suplex. Hollis grabbed him for an airplane spin.

Hawx was kicked off by Hollis and picked him up for a shoulderbreaker and a fall away slam. He was drilled by Touch with a dropkick. He placed Hawx on the top but missed a rana attempt when Posey came underneath for a powerbomb. Hawx shoved Posey off the top and came off with a Blockbuster from the top for the pin.

Your winner, Luke Hawx!

Solid opener. There were some good sequences.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino came out to film an opening for a TV episode.

Cedric Alexander vs. Roderick Strong (with The Decade)

There was some nice back and forth wrestling with Alexander getting the better of him. Strong made a comeback and suplexed Alexander hard into the buckle for a two count. Strong worked him over, focusing on his neck and back. Alexander fired back with a series of forearms but was hit with a leg sweep and battered with strikes.

Strong rebounded off the ropes and nailed a boot to the face. Strong worked him over but Alexander mounted a coneback. Strong caught him with a kick and nailed an Olympic Slam for a two count. Strong nailed a running knee in the corner and another strike but was caught with a sunset flip variation for a two count.

Strong was on the defense but came back with a leaping knee to the face and a backbreaker for a two count. Strong went for a suplex but Alexander landed on his feet and hit a leaping enziguiri off the ropes. He nailed a running dropkick in the corner and a DVDR into a kick. He nailed Jimmy Jacobs off the apron and hit a flip dive to the outside.

He returned to the ring but was cut off by Strong and nailed with a suplex, being dropped across Strong’s knees as he came down. Strong covered him for the pin.

Your winner, Roderick Strong!

This was a great opener with some really good near falls and athletic moves.

Jimmy Jacobs took the mic and said that there was some great wrestling and that everyone can learn how not to do things by watching Cedric. He said that you can learn how people do things the right way by watching Adam Page. They said this was the house the Decade built. He challenged Andrew Everett and to come out and be taught some respect.

The Decade vs. Andrew Everett & Caprice Coleman & ACH

They all faced off in the ring. Jacobs pulled out a spike but was stopped. ACH and Jacobs started off. Page tagged in and he sent ACH into the ropes. ACH shoulderblocked him down and did some flips to mock him. They went into a nice back and forth exchange ending with several ACH hiptosses and deep armdrags before they faced off after stereo flips.

Whitmer tagged in, as did Coleman. Coleman got the better of him early so Jacobs tagged in and worked him over. Coleman caught him with several kicks and covered him for a two count. Everett tagged in and caught him with a handstand into a rana. Page attacked him but Everett flipped out of the way and caught him with a flip into a rana. He teased a dive but BJ Whitmer pulled him out.

This set up a series of dive sequences. The Decade worked over ACH for a long time. ACH came back and backdropped Whitmer way over the top rope. Coleman tagged in and cleaned house. Page cut him off with a big backbreaker. Everett and Page battled back and forth. Everett went for a move off the ropes but slipped and crotched himself. Page nailed him with a nasty belly to back suplex off the ropes.

Everett came back with the old Low Ki springboard kick off the ropes then hit a springboard shooting star press onto everyone on the floor as they fought. The Decade cut off Coleman and drilled him with their finish.

Your winners, The Decade!

A dynamite, hard fought six man tag match with some insane high spots and a really good story told.

Matt Taven came out. Truth Martini came out and said when Taven fired him, it was the biggest mistake of his career. He said that Taven means nothing without him and everyone knows that – the fans do, Martini does and deep down, Taven does. Martino called Kevin Kelly into the ring and says they never got into the final chapter. He starts to read but Taven grabs the mic and asks if anyone wants to see this and said he was going to kick Martini’s ass. Martini nailed him with the Book of Truth and left him laying.

RD Evans vs. Silas Young

Evans escaped a Samoan Drop attempt and kicked him in the face. Evans was nailed in the corner and ended up on the apron. Young went after him but was caught and they battled over a suplex. Evans got it and scored a two count. Young rolled out of the ring and chased Veda Scott around the ring. She sure can sprint.

Evans worked over Young but was caught and slammed off the top rope into the ring for a two count. Young choked him against the ropes. The crowd chanted, “F*** you Silas.” Young tied up Evans on the mat and drilled him with several boots to the mid-section, trying to wear him down. Young was kicked off as he charged Evans in the corner and then kicked off again. Evans grabbed him and snapped him backward against the ropes.

Evans nailed a several rights and went for a discus punch but Young blocked it. Evans nailed a dropkick. Evans nailed an elbow in the corner and a Jackhammer for a two count. Evans went to the top but missed a diving headbutt. Young caught him with an over the knee backbreaker, held him, and clotheslined Evans down for a two count.

They battled on the apron and Evans was sent into the ringpost. He was then slammed backward onto the apron. He was almost counted out by Evans dove back in at the last second.

Young argued with the referee was small packaged for a two count. Scott yelled at the referee and Evans tried to hit him with a belt. Young got it so Evans acted like he had already been hit and the referee threatened to DQ Young. Young went to nail Evans but hit the referee instead.

Young nailed an Arabian Press and a second referee counted three. The original ref had recovered and overruled it, so The Evans streak continues/

Your winner by DQ, RD Evans!

OK match. The crowd loved Evans.

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