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By Richard Trionfo on 2014-03-24 23:01:56
We relive the closing moments of last Monday’s Raw with footage of everything that Triple H has done to stop Daniel Bryan. Then we see the attack perpetrated by Triple H.

We are in Brooklyn, New York and your announcers are John ‘JTG’ Layfield, Michael ‘Barclay’ Cole, and Jerry ‘When do we go to look for Queens’ Lawler.

Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring in her capacity as one of the Principal Owners of the WWE.

Stephanie thanks everyone for coming to Raw tonight. Unfortunately Daniel Bryan will not be here tonight. She says that she has been reading on social media that what her and her husband did to Daniel Bryan was wrong and uncomfortable to watch. They agree but what they did was to send a message to the superstars and divas in the locker room that insubordination will not be tolerated.

They will not let a fad like the Yes Movement cause a loss leader who will lead you down a path to self-destruction.

As leaders, their decisions will not always be popular. What is an army without a general? What is a company without a CEO? They need to be followed by a leader like her. For 50 years, the WWE has led everyone. She was born into this and she is the only one who can shoulder this burden of responsibility for everyone.

Daniel Bryan was reminded of who owns the WWE and who her husband is. Triple H is the most powerful man in the WWE. After beating Daniel Bryan, he will go on to become the new WWE World Champion.

Randy Orton’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

He says that he is not out here to argue with one word that Stephanie said and he is not going to challenge what she said. He will have to beat her husband if he beats Daniel Bryan.

Stephanie corrects Randy to say when.

Randy says that her family will be there along with sponsors and investors.

Stephanie tells everyone that Daniel will not be here so they can stop chanting for Daniel.

Orton says that he will beat Batista and Triple H to a pulp at Wrestlemania. Stephanie is an incredibly smart and savvy businesswoman. He says that Stephanie should let Hunter give Daniel Bryan the beating of a lifetime, but let him walk out a winner and not enter the WWE World Title Match.

Batista’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Batista says that this is really driving him crazy. Orton is squabbling while the crowd is making their stupid chants, but everyone is missing the point. Batista reminds everyone that he has been saying that he is going to be the next WWE World Champion. He does not care who it is, nothing is going to change that he is walking out of Wrestlemania XXX as the champion.

Batista gets a mic that works a little better and he says that he respects Hunter. The fact is that he has never beaten Batista. If he makes it to the Championship match at Wrestlemania, he won’t beat him there. Randy won’t beat him either.

Batista tells Orton he makes him sick. One week he sucks up to Hunter. The next week, he sucks up to Stephanie. He tells Randy to get closer so he can drool all over her. Batista says that he thinks Stephanie has been drooled on before. Batista says that she has been drooled on a lot.

Stephanie slaps Batista and then she leaves the ring while Orton laughs at what he just saw.

Batista does not appreciate Orton’s reaction so he spears Orton. Batista grabs the title belts and holds them over his head.

Triple H will sit down with Michael Cole later in the show.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Big E is at ringside to see who he will face tomorrow night on Main Event for the Intercontinental Title.

Match Number One: Alberto Del Rio versus Christian versus Dolph Ziggler versus Sheamus

Del Rio goes after Ziggler while Sheamus and Christian fight on the floor. Del Rio chokes Ziggler and Sheamus with knees to Christian and then he sends him into the ringside barrier. Del Rio sends Ziggler into the corner and Sheamus with a slingshot shoulder to Del Rio. Ziggler with a rollup for a near fall. Sheamus and Ziggler exchange punches.

Ziggler with a kick but Sheamus with a boot to Ziggler followed by a knee drop for a near fall. Ziggler with a drop kick and Christian gets a near fall on Sheamus. Del Rio kicks Ziggler while Christian punches Sheamus and he goes for a pescado but Sheamus catches Christian and hits a fallaway slam into the ringside barrier. Ziggler drop kicks Del Rio off the apron.

Sheamus with a shoulder and he sets for the forearms. Del Rio misses an enzuigiri to Sheamus and Ziggler kicks Sheamus off the apron. Ziggler with a drop kick for a near fall. Del Rio rolls to the floor and Christian punches Ziggler on the floor. Sheamus clotheslines Christian into the Roberts Cubicle and he follows as we go to commercial.

We are back and Ziggler punches Del Rio but Del Rio with an Irish whip. Del Rio sends Ziggler high into the air and he lands on his chest. Sheamus trips Del Rio and sends him to the floor. Sheamus with a Finlay Slam on the floor but Christian punches Sheamus and then he sends Sheamus into the ring post. Christian with a cross body but Ziggler rolls through for a near fall. Christian with a punch to Ziggler followed by knees.

Christian with a punch and he gets a near fall. Ziggler with punches but Christian with a knee and he sends Ziggler over the top rope to the floor. Sheamus returns to the ring and he hits the two running double sledges followed by a shoulder into the corner and a knee lift. Sheamus with a uranage back breaker to Del Rio and he sends Christian over the top rope to the floor.

Sheamus sets up Del Rio for the forearms in the ropes but Del Rio falls to the floor. Christian crawls over towards Del Rio while Sheamus goes up top but Ziggler with a Super X Factor for a near fall. Christian misses a punch and Ziggler with punches in the corner followed by a neck breaker. Del Rio misses a super kick but Ziggler does not miss with a DDT but he can only get a near fall.

Christian pulls Ziggler to the mat. Christian counters a Fameasser with a sit out power bomb. Del Rio with a super kick to Christian but Sheamus breaks up the cover. Sheamus tries for the Cloverleaf on Del Rio but Del Rio fights it for a moment but he finally applies it.

Sheamus sees Christian get up and he hits a tilt-a-whirl power slam. Sheamus looks around and he pounds his chest for the Brogue Kick but he runs into a kick from Del Rio. Del Rio floats over into the cross arm breaker but Sheamus picks up Del Rio for a single arm power bomb but Del Rio with a Zig Zag. Christian hits the Killswitch on Ziggler for the three count.

Winner: Christian

After the match, Big E goes into the ring to offer his hand to Christian but Christian refuses.

Bray Wyatt appears on the TitanTron and he sings that he has the whole world in his hands. It is human nature but in the case of John Cena, we can all see him. How can you miss the billboards and infomercials shoved down your throat every day.

Have you ever taken the time to see him for what he really is? He is the way into the city of woe. He is the way into eternal pain. He is the way beyond eternal time. What could you possibly do to harm something that just can’t feel?

Luke says that he can hear John whispering and now they are going to find him.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the new Scooby Doo movie featuring WWE Superstars.

The Mystery Machine makes its way into the arena and Sin Cara emerges with Scooby Doo.

Match Number Two: Sin Cara (with Scooby Doo) versus Damien Sandow

The lights go down and they lock up. Sandow with shoulders and kicks in the corner. Cara avoids a charge into the corner. Cara goes to the apron and he kicks Sandow and hits a springboard drop kick followed by a springboard cross body. Cara with a head scissors. Cara with a handspring back elbow for a near fall. Cara with an enzuigiri from the apron and he goes up top for a Swanton and he connects and gets the three count.

Winner: Sin Cara

After the match, Cara celebrates with Scooby while Cole talks about the new Scooby Doo DVD.

We take a look at what happened to the Shield on Smackdown. Was this revenge for what The Shield did to Kane on Raw?

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Fernando and Diego (with El Torito) versus Curtis Axel and Ryback

Axel and Fernando start things off and Fernando with a rana after escaping a belly-to-back suplex. Fernando with a chop but Axel with a drop kick. Axel with a forearm and the Shield make their way through the crowd.

Fernando with a rollup on Axel for the three count while distracted by the Shield.

Winners: Fernando and Diego

After the match, The Shield surround the ring . . . on three sides and Axel and Ryback try to defend themselves. Ryback fights with Rollins and Ambrose while Reigns sends Axel into the ringside barrier. Reigns with a spear to Ryback. They set up Ryback for the Cerberus Bomb and they connect.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Michael Cole introduces Triple H for a sit down interview in the ring.

Michael thanks Hunter for taking the time to sit down with him. Michael felt that it was more appropriate to do this on Raw instead of their usual Wednesday interview.

We see what happened on Raw on Monday night.

Michael asks Hunter to justify the attack on Daniel Bryan.

Hunter says the question is confusing. Does he answer as the COO or as a competitor at Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan was clear about what he was asking for. The people were clear about what they were asking for. They got what they were asking for. He asks Michael if he had no choice but to submit to someone’s will? That you had to do what someone told you to do.

Hunter says that he is talking about Daniel Bryan coming to the ring and inviting the WWE Universe into the ring in an attempt to hijack this show. He is talking about the Occupy Raw and Yes Movement. Daniel Bryan came out here and the people stood in the ring. Daniel put these people in harm’s way in a coup to get what he wanted.

Where was Cole’s mock horror at everything? Cole must have chalked that up to memorable Raw moment while Cole thought that what Hunter did was heinous.

Cole says that many agreed with what Daniel did while many think that what Hunter did was thug behavior.

Hunter says that he told Daniel he would not fight him or get in the ring with him. The people and Daniel forced him and made him become a competitor. Then they got what they asked for. Daniel got what he deserved.

What has happened since he stopped competing? He used to do despicable things and the people would have the same passion and desire that he had. The people were strong. Now he sees apathy. He sees soft. He sees pathetic. He sees a bunch of little people with no power, no desire. When they don’t get what they want, they cry about it. Why not send a tweet to show your displeasure. He is sick of the whole thing.

The world has changed and he cannot take it any more. Maybe it is on him to change the future. Maybe it is on him to decide where it all goes. Maybe he starts the reality era. The reality is that at Wrestlemania, he stops Daniel Bryan’s supposed run at the top. He stops this pathetic Yes Movement. When he is done with that, he will step into a Triple Threat match and no one living off their past glories will stop him. No one living off their untapped potential will stop him. The reality is that he has the power to make it happen and they all know it is true.

The Reality Era means that the reality is that he is going to walk out of Wrestlemania as the WWE World Champion.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the WWE Rewind: Goldust versus Fandango on Raw.

Match Number Four: Fandango (with Summer Rae) versus Cody Rhodes (with Goldust)

They lock up and Cody with a hammer lock but Fandango with an elbow. Cody with a drop toe hold and roll up for a near fall. Cody punches Fandango but Fandango with an Irish whip and he tries to float over into a sunset flip but Fandango blocks it. Fandango with a slingshot leg drop and he gets a near fall.

Fandango with a suplex for a near fall. Fandango with a hammer lock but Cody with a punch. Fandango with a punch but Cody with clotheslines. Fandango sends Cody to the apron and Cody with a forearm and a springboard drop kick for a near fall. Cody with a punch and he tries for an Irish whip but Fandango holds on to the ropes and he punches Cody. Cody and Fandango bump heads and Goldust goes next to Summer to cheer on Cody.

Summer asks Goldust if he is mocking him and he says he is. Summer and Goldust dance on the floor and Summer appears to have hurt her ankle but Fandango is distracted long enough to allow Cody to hit Beautiful Disaster for the three count.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

It is time to take a look at Sabotage since two of the stars will be on Raw tonight.

Joe Manganiello, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Hulk Hogan will be on when we come back from commercial.

We are back and Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring.

Hogan wants to tell you something, brother. He doesn’t mean to come out here and be all nostalgic and cry baby. Wrestlemania XXX is less than 2 weeks away, brothers. In this very city, we might be in a different borough, but in this city, history was made when he teamed with the newest Hall of Famer, Mr. T to make history at the first Wrestlemania.

Hogan says that he is excited for Wrestlemania and the battle royal. He is also excited for the guest hosts tonight, Joe Manganiello and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold says that it is wonderful to be back again. He was here a year ago to induct his hero Bruno Sammartino into the Hall of Fame. He cannot believe that he is standing in the ring with another hero of his, Hulk Hogan.

Joe says that he is pumped to be at his first Raw and he is more pumped to be standing in the ring with two legends, two icons. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hulk Hogan.

Arnold brings up the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. He mentions that they knew each other. Arnold asks if there is room for two more athletes.

Miz interrupts and throws out a really and wonder if they want to be in the battle royal. Do the people want to see Joe and Arnold in the battle royal? Miz says that he is a fan and he is going to see Sabotage. He says that Arnold is probably a fan of Miz’ work. He says that they are only actors. They play tough guys. Miz says that he is a tough guy and does acting on the side. He vows to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Hogan tells Miz a little wake up call. He is standing in the middle of Hogan Country . . . brother.

Miz says that he is the most must see Superstar of all time. People talk about him main eventing Wrestlemania 27, defeating John Cena. Miz says that Joe and Arnold don’t belong here. Hogan doesn’t belong here now.

Joe says that he’s got this. If you want them to leave, go ahead and try.

Joe blocks a punch from Miz and he punches Miz. Arnold punches Miz and then Hogan throws Miz over the top rope.

We go to commercial.

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