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By Stuart Carapola on 2010-12-11 15:46:50
Welcome to's live coverage of the Jersey All Pro Wrestling 13th Anniversary Show!

Devon Moore vs Josh Daniels vs Azrieal vs Bandido Jr

This is the first time I've see n Daniels in forever and he is in amazing shape. Bandido went right after Azrieal and they fought out to the floor while Daniels unloaded on Moore with chops. Moore with a dropkick to the jaw of Daniels as Azrieal rammed Bandido into the guardrail. Daniels with several stiff kicks to Moore but Moore gets a flying headscissors that sent Daniels to the outside. Bandido went for a dive but Azrieal cut him off and hit an enziguiri to the back of the head and then comes off the second rope with a dropkick to Moore and covers for 2. Azrieal goes for a backdrop but Bandido hits a series of kicks and a dropkick to the head for 2. Azrieal counters a whip into a back suplex and charges Bandido but Bandido headscissors him over the top rope to the floor. All three of the other guys fight on the floor as Bandido climbs to the top rope and moonsaults them all on the floor. Bandido tosses Daniels back in the ring and hits a running forearm into the corner and a tornado DDT for 2. Azrieal comes back in and goes after Bandido, picking him up on his shoulders and dropping him forward on his face, but turns around right into a superkick from Moore. Moore goes up top but Bandido crotches him and they fight on the top rope until Bandido hits a top rope Frankensteiner and covers, but Daniels breaks the fall. Daniels whips Bandido to the corner and follows with a clothesline, but comes off the ropes right into a superkick and then Bandido comes off the ropes and Daniels rips his head off with a clothesline. Daniels goes for a suplex but Bandido slips out the back and superkicks Daniels and hits the Roll Of The Dice and covers for 2. Daniels recovers and gets a bridging backdrop suplex for 2 and then gets a figure four on Bandido. Moore goes up top and hits a shooting star press onto Daniels for the win.

Winner: Devon Moore

Azrieal comes in the ring and attacks Bandido after the match and they go out and brawl on the floor and keep fighting all the way back to the locker room.

Annie Social & Corvis Fear vs Joe Hardway & Mia Yum

The first thing I would like to say is that the South Side Playaz Club has the greatest entrance in wrestling history. Those who have seen it know what I mean. Corvis and Hardway start us off, but Yum decides to tag in before contact is made and piefaces Corvis, and then ups the ante by slapping him. She comes off the ropes with a shoulderblock but goes down. She tries again and Corvis goes for a hiptoss, but she blocks and slaps him so Corvis tags in Social and they have a kick exchange before Annie kills her with a roaring elbow. Hardway tries to come in but Corvis nails him and they scuffle in the corner until Corvis and Social ram Hardway and Yum together. Hardway and Yum go out to the floor but Corvis pulls her into the ring so Social can put the boots to her. Hardway drags Corvis out to the floor and lays him out while the girls fight it out on the floor. Social comes off the ropes but Hardway grabs her hair from the apron and allows Yum to hit a spinkick to the jaw and then choke her before covering for 2. Yum goes fora backdrop but Social rams a series of knees to her face and an X-Factor, then makes the hot tag to Corvis Fear. Corvis cleans house on Hardway but Yum gets a lungblower and Hardway covers for 2. Hardway whips Corvis into the ropes and gets a dropkick, but only gets 2 off the cover so he takes Corvis to the corner and chokes him before tagging Yum back in. Yum with a couple of stiff chops, but Corvis comes out of the corner and delivers a hard chops right to Mia's Yums. Yum responded by nailing him in the groin and hitting a series of kicks before covering for 2. Hardway tags in and goes right for a cover, but only gets 2. Hardway whips Corvis to the corner but eats elbow on a charge and then Corvis tries to go for a clothesline but Hardway counters to a Flatliner into the second turnbuckle. Hardway whips Corvis to the corner again but Corvis dodges and hits a chinbreaker, and makes the hot tag. Social comes in and cleans house on Yum, hitting a series of clotheslines and a suplex for 2, then a flying headscissors on Hardway. Social with a swinging neckbreaker on Yum for 2, but Hardway grabs her and punches her in the face so Corvis nails him from behind and chops him in the corner. Hardway goes to the eyes and sets him up top, but Social tosses him off the top. Yum kicks Social from behind so Corvis grabs her and delivers a nasty German Suplex. Hardway with a TKO for 2, but Corvis springboards off the ropes with a Diamond Cutter and then sends Hardway to the rope and hits a dive through the ropes. The girls go toe to toe in the ring with Social hitting a snapmare and a kick to the back, but then Yum responds with a snapmare and a couple of even harder kicks. Social snapmares her, then picks her back up and rams a couple of frearms to the back, then snapmares her again and delivers a couple of kicks of her own. She comes off the ropes but gets tripped from the outside by one of the strippers. The stripper climbs up on the apron and argues with her before kissing her, and a stunned Social turns around and eats a superkick from Yum, who covers Social for the win.

Winners: Johnny Hardway & Mia Yum

Solid match, and the girls really didn't hold back at all when it came to stiffing each other.

B-Boy vs Eddie Kingston

B-Boy and Kingston go nose to nose before the match, flipping one another off and making obscene gestures. Kingston with a go behind into a waistlock, but B-Boy escapes and chops him. Kingston chops back but B-Boy no-sells and nails him, and this turns into a stijff strike exchange until B-Boy hits a snapmare and a running boot to the face. B-Boy covers but only gets 1, so he takes him to the corner and unloads with a chop. B-Boy with another snapmare and a double stomp to the head, and then goes to a rear chinlock. Kingston fights his way out and catches B-Boy coming off the ropes with a belly-to-belly suplex for 2, then gets an arm-trapped crossface. Kingston releases the hold and covers for 2, and B-Boy tries to fight back but Kingston just thumbs him in the eye, drawing an Eddie chant, then takes B-Boy to the corner and hits the Kobashi chops, then drags B-Boy out to the middle of the ring and covers for 2. Kingston whips B-Boy to the corner and charges, but eats boot, tries another charge and eats elbow, and B-Boy gets a Blockbuster and both men are down. They get to their knees and exchange punches and the exchange breaks down to them just slapping each other until they both go down again. They get to their feet at the same time and B-Boy hits a pair of enziguiris and a sitout Flatliner for 2. Eddie reverses a whip to a uranage suplex and then a short clothesline and covers for 2. Kingston signals for the spinning backfist and measures B-Boy, but b-Boy blocks, kicks out the leg, hits a Shining Wizard and then a straight running knee and covers for 2. B-Boy sits Eddie in the corner and hits the Facewash, then goes for it a second time but Kingston moves and goes for a backdrop suplex, B-Boy escapes and comes off the ropes but Kingston with a spinning fist and covers for the win.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

Straight up brawl, definitely not a match for Lou Thesz fans but a solid effort on both men's part, and another hard hitting match tonight.

JAPW Women's Title Match: Sara Del Rey vs LuFisto

This is the first time I've seen LuFisto in nearly two years and she looks like she's dropped a lot of weight and she looks great. Sara charges her right off the bell with a big boot but LuFisto counters with a series of armdrags and then hits several kicks to Sara's legs and kicks her through the ropes to the floor and goes for a dive, but Sara pops up on the apron and punches her in the face, then they go out to the floor where Sara rams her into the rail and the steps. LuFisto fires back and rolls Sara back into the ring and goes to the second rope, but Sara dodges the dropkick and hits a series of kicks to the back before dropping elbows to the neck and then finally locking LuFisto in a double chickenwing. Lufisto escapes so Sara kicks her in the chest and chokes her on the second rope, then ties her in the ropes and connects with several unprotected kicks to the back. Sara with a stepover kick to the face and covers for 2, then whips LuFisto to the corner and goes for a charging clothesline, but LuFisto grabs her arm and gets an armbar on the ropes followed by a second rope dropkick for 2. Sara responds with a kick to the chest and an axe kick to the head and covers for 2, then rams LuFisto to the corner and charges, but LuFisto dodges and hits a rolling cannonball in the corner, but when she comes off the ropes again Sara hits a forward rolling kick of her own and then an Angle Slam for 2. Sara whips LuFisto to the corner and follows in with a series of forearms, but LuFisto dodges a high kick and dumps Sara to the floor before hitting a rolling senton off the apron. They head back into the ring where LuFisto ducks a punch and gets a chinbreaker, then a running stomp to the back of Sara's head. LuFisto whips Sara to the corner and follows in with a running elbow, and Sara drops down and LuFisto follows with a facewash for 2. LuFisto goes for a suplex but Sara blocks and rolls through into what could have been either an armbar or a cradle, but either way LuFisto made the ropes so Sara had to break. Sara went for a piledriver but LuFisto backdrops her and then goes for a diving headbutt, but Sara moves and then puts LuFisto into the LeBell Lock and Lufisto taps.

Winner: Sara Del Rey

Not as rough as I would have expected, but it would have been tough to top the stiff-fest Annie Social and Mia Yum had earlier. Still, solid match and both girls worked hard, but it didn't click as well as I would have liked.

Jay & Mark Briscoe vs United States Death Machine

Sami Callihan & Chris Dickinson got into a chopping match with each other before the bell rang, and then Dickinson & Mark Briscoe started the match. They had a mat wrestling sequence to start before Mark took Dickinson to the corner and caught him coming out into a rolling armbar. Dickinson puts Briscoe to his back but Briscoe reverses to a short armscissors and Dickinson makes the ropes to break. Callihan tags in and headbutts Mark in the back and unloads with a chop, but Briscoe responds with a chop of his own that floows Callihan. Jay tags in and he takes Callihan to the corner for a chop, then a running clothesline in the corner, snapmare, and running boot before covering for 2. Mark tags back in and hits a spinning leg lariat and cradles Callihan, but Dickinson distracts the referee so no count is made. Mark wips Callihan to the corner but Callihan gets the boot up on a charge and hits a top rope dropkick, then tags out to Dickinson, who covers Mark for 2. Dickinson with a kick to the back and a rear chinlock, but Mark escapes and gets a vertical suplex for 2. Mark tags out to Jay and they hit the double football tackle on Dickinson and then Jay nails him with a dropkick to the face for 2. Jay tags back out to Mark and now Mark starts killing Dickinson with chops. Dickinson comes back with some weak chops of his own, but Mark no-sells and fires back with more chops, but Dickinson catches him out of nowhere with a facebuster and then starts laying in more chops against the ropes. Dickinson whips Mark to the ropes but Mark makes a blind tag and Jay comes in and rips Dickinson's head off with a clothesline, nails Callihan off the ropes, and then suplexes Dickinson and gets a running legdrop for 2. Mark tags back in and he hits a twisting senton out of the corner for 2. The Briscoes take Dickinson to the corner and do the big double Beell out of the corner and Jay covers for 2. Jay slams Dickinson and tags Mark, who comes in with a rolling senton from the apron. Dickinson gets several slaps but Mark nails him back until Dickinson gets an O'Connor Roll for 2. Mark goes for a vertical suplex but Dickinson reverses to a Falcon Arrow Suplex to finally gain an advantage. For half a moment at least, because Mark rolls to the corner and tags in Jay as Dickinson tags Callihan, and they exchange forearms and chops, then exchange boots, then exchange more chops, then more boots, and then Jay superkicks Callihan in the face and goes for the Jay Driller but Dickinson comes in and nails Jay. Mark immediately comes in and takes Dickinson out with Redneck Kung Fu, but Callihan comes out of nowhere and kills Mark with a stiff clothesline. Now all four men exchange blows until Mark and Dickinson tumble out to the floor. Callihan gets a leg whip on Jay and the Horse Collar, but Mark comes in and gets an enziguiri to Callihan, followed by a Jay superkick and DVD, and Mark hits a top rope splash for 2. Briscoes go for the Doomsday Device but Dickinson shoves Mark off the top rope and Callihan gets a victory roll and then chops Jay into a Dickinson Tiger Suplex and it looks like they blew the finish because the referee counted really quickly before Mark could get in the ring to break the count, but they went with it and the Death Machine got the win.

Winners: United States Death Machine

Crowd did not like that one at all. Jay Briscoe grabbed a mic and said that after that, the referee needs his ass whupped. The Briscoes chase him to the back as the Death Machine celebrates. Crowd was very unhappy with the finish, giving them a "this match sucked" chant. The match wasn't really bad except for the finish, but it was a total Briscoes squash until the Death Machine got the win out of nowhere.


Jay Lethal vs Kenny Omega

They circle one another warily before locking up, and Lethal shoves Omega off and dropkicks him through the ropes and immediately follows with a dive to the floor that Knocks Omega into the guardrail. Lethal tosses Omega back in and chops him in the corner before whipping him into the ropes and catching him with a back elbow and covers for 2. Omega fights out with elbows, but Lethal puts the boots to him and hits a snap suplex for 2. Omega tries a chop but Lethal responds with a stiffer chop of his own and then whips Omega into the ropes but Omega ducks a clothesline and gets a slick diving dropkick to the knee and a leapfrog bulldog for 2. Omega get a guillotine cravate but Lethal fights his way out and Omega counters into an abdominal stretch. Lethal elbows his way out and gives Omega a pair of stiff chops. Omega with a boot to the gut and whips Lethal to the ropes but Lethal reverses and gets a hiptoss and cartwheel dropkick for 2. Lethal with a full bodyslam and goes to the outside for a springboard something, but Omega dropkicks him coming in and covers for 2. Omega fires Lethal out to the floor and then follows him out and rams him back and forth between the apron and the guardrail, then rolls him back into the ring and covers him for 2. Omega continues working Lethal over in the corner and whips him hard across the ring into the opposite corner, and Lethal just crumples out of the corner so Omega covers for 2 and goes to a bodyscissors. Omega keeps the hold and grinds the blade of his forearm across Lethal's face several times before releasing the hold and going to an inverted bearhug. Lethal fights his way out and hits a flying forearm and a series of back elbows, followed by the handspring elbow, then heads to the apron and hits the springboard dropkick for 2. Lethal with a running Yakuza Kick in the corner, but Omega comes right back with a Finlay Roll and a running Shooting Star Press for 2. Omega picks Lethal up for a suplex and dumps him on the top rope, then goes up top himself and elbowdrops Lethal off the top rope, but Omega only gets 2. Omega drags Lethal to the corner and goes up top, but Lethal catches him with a chop and goes up top himself and gets a top rope Frankensteiner for 2. Lethal goes for the full rotation Dragon Suplex but Omega lands on his feet so Lethal just superkicks him in the face and hits the Lethal Combination for a close 2. Lethal goes for the Dragon Suplex again and Omega fights out, but Lethal goes for a Frankensteiner and Omega catches him and powerbombs him for 2 and then gets the Hadoken for another 2. Omega picks Lethal up and goes for the Electric Chair Suplex but Lethal counters to a victory roll for 2. Lethal goes for another handspring elbow but Omega nails him with an enziguiri coming off the ropes and hits the Electric Chair Suplex and cradles him for the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Terrific match! Easily the best match of the night so far, and I was kind of surprised that JAPW's favorite son lost on the Anniversary Show. Lethal is visibly upset at the loss, but he and Omega share a look of respect before heading to the back.

JAPW Title Match: Brodie Lee vs Rhino

Rhino attacks Brodie in the aisle and tosses him in the ring where he immediately goes for the Gore, but Brodie bails to the floor. Rhino follows him out and they brawl at ringside with Brodie getting the advantage. They head back in the ring where Brodie rips Rhino's head off with a discus lariat and covers for 2, then chookes Rhino on the ropes. Rhino fights back with a series of chops but Brodie goes to the eyes and hits a big vertical suplex for 2. Brodie with a rear chinlock, but Brodie fights his way out and hits a flying shoulderblock. Brodie tries a charge but eats elbow and Rhino with a big belly-to-belly suplex, but Rhino comes off the ropes and runs right into a Black Hole Slam for 2. Brodie measures him for a big boot, but Rhino ducks and hits another big slam and measures Brodie for the Gore. Necro Butcher runs in and tries to interfere but Rhino Gores him and then, with Jonny D distracting the referee, Nick Gage runs out and drops Rhino neckfirst over the top rope and Brodie covers for the win.

Winner: Brodie Lee

This was way shorter than I expected, but they have to wrap the show up in 50 minutes to give CZW time to set up for their show, so I guess they had to make the time up somewhere.

JAPW Light Heavyweight Title Match: Jushin "Thunder" Liger vs Mike Quackenbush

Liger and Quackenbush shake hands before the match, and we're off. They circle each other and Liger gets a duck under into a waistlock, then a drop toehold and goes to a side headlock. Liger with a chinlock but Quack reverses to a hammerlock and Liger picks the ankle and ties Quack in a combination Indian Deathlock/Kimura. Quack gets out of that and gets a spinning toehold, then turns that into an Indian Deathlock of his own but Liger makes the ropes. They start over from a standing position and go to a Greco-Roman Knucklelock, and then that turns into a series of pinning combinations and reversals until Quack catches Liger in a toehold with a grapevine. Liger reverses to one of his own but Quack picks his way out of the hold enough to make the ropes and force the break. Liger whips Quack to the corner but Quack leaps to the top rope and comes out with an armdrag and ties Liger up in an STF. Quack releases that then goes to a kneeling figure four but Liger counters out to a surfboard, then drops down and adds a Dragon Sleeper into the equation as well. Quack slips out so Liger gets his own standing figure four until Quack makes the ropes. Really even match so far, but Liger starts to open up with some chops and whips Quakc to the corner, but Quack leapfrogs and backdrops Liger and follows up with a superkick that sends Liger to the floor, and Quack follows with a running swanton over the top onto Liger on the floor. quack rolls Liger back into the ring and sets him up top and hits a top rope Frankensteiner and then goes back up top for a standard Swanton and gets 2. Quackenbush gets an inverted Indian Deathlock (lots of Indians dying in this match), but Liger makes the ropes and Quack has to break. Quack goes for a side suplex but Liger rolls out of it so Quack with a kick to the ribs and then a spinning side suplex gets 2. Liger reverses a whip iunto the corner but Quack leaps over the ropes to the apron, so Liger palmstrikes him to the floor and goes up top and hits a dive onto Quack on the floor. Liger whips Quack to the corner and follows him in with a running palmstrike and then follows that up with the Liger Bomb for 2. Liger charges Quack in the corner and Quack gets a boot up, but charges out of the corner himself and runs into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2. Liger goes for a cross corner whip but Quack collapses in the corner, and Liger tugs on the arm and Quack pops up with a forearm and goes up top. Liger follows him up and gets a top rope superplex for 2. Liger goes for another Liger Bomb but Quack blocks and counters into a high anklelock, but Liger makes the ropes. Quack and Liuger fight over a waistlock until Quack counters a Liger waistlock into the 2K1 Bomb for 2. Quack goes for a clothesline but Liger blocks and kills him with a clothesline, a palmstrike, and then a running palmstrike off the ropes for the win.

Winner: Jushin "Thunder" Liger

Terrific match, and it's amazing that Liger has still held up as well as he has at 46 years of age. Quack and Liger bow to one another after the match and Quack motions that he wants one more match with Liger before they share a hug and bow to the crowd.

JAPW Tag Team Title Match: Da Hit Squad vs Necro Butcher & Nick Gage

Mafia grabs the mic before the match and says he hates Philadelphia and being here makes him sick to his stomach, so everyone here can kiss his ass. Hit Squad attack the Hillbilly Wrecking Crew on the floor to start the match with Necro tossing Monsta Mack over the rail into the floor as Mafia takes a chairshot from Gage. Mack nails Necro but Necro comes back with a chairshot to the head and pulls Mack back to ringside as Gage drills punches into Mafia's head on the other side of the ring then whips Mafia into the guardrail. Gage takes a chair and nails Mack with it several times but Mack gets ahold of the chair and DESTROYS Gage with a pair of hard chairshots as Mafia rams Necro into the guardaril nearby. Mack rams Gage into the guardrail as Mafia sets up a table and rams it into Necro's ribs. Mack and Gage continue duking it out as Necro takes one of the title belts and beats Mafia down with it, then chases the referee and beats him down with the belt as Gage gouges at Mack's face on the other side of the ring. Gage has a fan hold up a chair so he can ram Mack into it, but Mafia nails Gage from behind with a chair and rolls him into the ring and charges him, but falls prey to a spinebuster. Gage with a running elbowdrop and then a facewash in the corner as Necro continues to menace the referee on the floor with a chair. Mack dashes over and nails Necro, but Gage piledrives Mafia in the ring. Necro joins Gage in the ring and holds a chair on Mack to keep him on the outside as Gage constructs a platform out of chairs in the corner. Mack finally makes it into the ring and nails Necro, then goes up the ropes and tries to superplex Gage onto the chairs. Gage blocks and they fight it out until either Gage hits a tornado DDT onto the chairs or Mack hits a spinebuster onto the chairs. Either way, they're both down and Mafia follows that up by nailing Necro with another chair. Gage recovers and tries to chokeslam Mafia, but Mafia with a switch and hits a half nelson suplex that sends Gage to the floor, and Mafia follows him out with a dive. Now Necro and Mack stand face to face with chairs in their hands, but Mack unfolds his and puts it down in the middle of the ring and sits in it, inviting Necro to go punch for punch. Necro sets his own chair up and sits face to face with Mack and they go punch for punch as Mafia picks Gage up and drops him on the guardrail at ringside. Necro gets the advantage on Mack and repeatedly headbutts him until Mack drops, then Necro takes every chair in the ring one by one and tosses them onto Mack's prone form, then goes out th the floor and grabs every chair he can find out there and throws them into the ring on Mack as well. He finishes by grabbing the stairs and putting them on the apron, but they fall off so Necro reconsiders and grabs another chair instead and gives Mack a chair slam on top of the pile of chairs he had left in the ring. What a scene this is. Necro with an elbowdrop as Mafia and Gage are nowhere to be found, then grabs a chair and tries to nail Mack with it, but Mafia finally makes it back in the ring so Necro nails him with it instead, and Gage follows that with a piledriver on the pile of chairs. Gage and Necro continue working Mack over in the corner with chairs and Gage throws a chair at Mack's head, busting him open, and they sit Mack on the top rope and superplex him onto the chairs in the ring and Gage covers for the win.

Winners, and NEW JAPW Tag Team Champions: Nick Gage & Necro Butcher

Unbelievable brawl, all four guys took a ton of abuse in this one. The Briscoes run in and attack the referee, then join Gage, Butcher, and also Brodie Lee in the ring. Gage takes the microphone and tells the crowd that we're looking at the most dominant force in wrestling: the Hillbilly Wrecking Crew.

That's one down, and one to go. Mike Johnson and myself will be back later in the evening for CZW's annual Cage Of Death show tonight starting at 8pm. Thank you for following our coverage of the JAPW 13th Anniversary Show, and we'll see you back here in an hour!

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