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By Mike Johnson on 2010-05-22 19:32:26
JAPW Tag Team champions The Heavy Hitters came out for their Open Challenge.   Mack took the mic and boasted that they were in the house.  He said they made the open challenge hoping some redneck brothers would make their way tonight, but apparently they didn't hear the challenge.  He dared anyone to come out and out came The Southside Playaz Club, with their manager Jonny D and an entourage of, lovely ladies.  They did a grand entrance, complete with champagne showers foThr the ladies.  Jonny said that they may have the tag titles, but he has something the champs want and told the girls to show the champions a good time.  The girls started grinding on the champs until the Playaz attacked them...

JAPW Tag Team champs The Heavy Hitters vs. The Southside Playaz Club

They worked over the champs.  Mo Sexton was clotheslined by Mack.  Havoc tagged in and shoulderblocked Sexton down.  The champs controlled Sexton.  Mack missed a clothesline and was hit with a kick to the back and then a running clothesline by Joe Hardway.  Mack went to the floor.,  Hardway dove off the apron onto him.  The Playaz worked over Mack, focusing on his back.  Mack fought his way over to make the tag but the Playaz nailed Havoc.  Mack finally nailed a double clothesline and made the hot tag.

Havoc unloaded on both Playaz.  He drilled Hardway with a running splash and hit a Samoan Drop on Hardway.  The champs nailed a 3D on Sexton.  Havoc drilled Hardway with a 747, One Man Gang style.  One of the girls distracted havoc, setting Sexton up for a superkick.  The Playaz worked over Mack on the ropes.  He knocked one to the floor and the other to the ring.  The Heavy Hitters nailed Hardway with the Midnight Express Double Goozle for the pin.

Mo Sexy grabbed a chair from ringside and attacked both of the Hitters with it, laying them out with shots to the back.  The Playaz hit a double superkick on Mack.  Havoc finally made the save with a chair but the Playaz ran off.

Good, stiff match.  The Playaz entrance is certainly one of a kind.  I enjoyed Mack's mic work as well.

Kevin Steen vs. Ego Fantastico vs. El Generico vs. Nick Gage

They announced the winner will receive a JAPW title shot of his choosing anytime in the next year.  So, it's Money in the Bank.  Steen came out with a collection of balloons.   Why?  I don't know.  Why ask why? 

It started out with Ego vs. Steen.  He worked over Steen's arm early, until Steen reversed it.  Steen shoulderblocked him.  Fantastico did a backwards flip to avoid a charge and dropkicked Steen.  Steen went to the floor.  Fantastico tried to jump off but was caught and powerslammed onto the edge of the ring.  He worked over Ego on the floor.  Real entertaining so far.  Back in the ring, he kept stomping away on Ego, who made a comeback.  Fantastico was caught with a sideslam.  Steen smothered him in the corner with his boot while he was screaming at fans.

Fantastico came back with a twisting DDT for a two count.  Ego missed a twisting moonsault press off the ropes.  Steen went for the Package Piledriver, but Ego caught him with a backslide for the three count.

Steen has been eliminated. 

and El Generico came out and as he made his way around the ring, Ego hit a forward diving flip out of the ring onto him.  He tossed Generico back in the ring.  Generico made a comeback with a backbreaker and worked over Ego.  Generico nailed a tiltowhirl backbreaker for a near fall.   Fantastico made a comeback but was cut off and nearly pinned after a legdrop.  They battled back and forth in the center with forearms and punches.  The crowd was solidly behind Generico.   They began trading kicks with Ego finally hitting an enziguiri for a near fall.

Both men were spent, so the crowd began rallying them.    Ego went to the ropes but Generico cut him off and tried for the brainbuster.  He fought off Generico but was caught with an exploder suplex.  Generico finally hit the brainbuster for the pin.

Ego Fantastico has been eliminated.

Nick Gage made his way to the ring.  He tossed Generico into the crowd and they brawled in the crowd.  They battled up into the bleachers before returning.  They took out a whole section of crowd.    Back in the ring, Generico hit a flying bodypress.  He went for the running Yakuza but was caught and nailed with a slam.  Gage went to the ropes but Generico stopped him.  Gage fought him off, then hit a diving headbutt for a two count. 

Generico whipped Gage into the corner and hit the running boot in the corner for a two count.   Gage came back with a piledriver in the center of the ring, then followed up with two more.  He went for a fourth but Generico backdropped him over.  Generico went for the brainbuster but Gage turned it into a suplex for a two count.  Gage nailed the Chokenstein (chokeslam into an over the knee backbreaker) for the pin.

Your winner, who now has a title shot "in the bank" for any belt he wishes, Nick Gage!

 Ultimate Jeopardy: JAPW champ Dan Maff & JAPW New Jersey State champion Charlie Haas putting their titles on the line vs. Necro Butcher & Brodie Lee, putting their JAPW careers on the line.

 Necro and Brodie attacked Haas with chairs as he entered the ring.  He fought them off with the title belt but was overwhelmed.  Maff hit the ring to even things up.    They fought off the Wrecking Crew, who went to the floor.  Haas whipped Maff into the ropes and Maff dove out of the ring to the floor.  Everyone began brawling around the building.  Lee and Haas destroyed a vendor table.  Maff and Necro chopped away at each other in the bleachers.  Maff went for a piledriver but was backdropped in the bleachers.    Necro slammed Maff onto a chair but Maff kicked him low.  Maff ran a chair into Necro.  They battled atop a rolling case to hang chairs on, then ran Necro into a vendor table.  Necro bumped through it.  Maff then threw another table atop of him.  That's two plastic tables wrecked.  Everyone continued brawling in the crowd in chaotic, senseless fashion.  I loved it.

They finally settled down into the ring after a good 8-10 minutes of madness.  Necro locked on a Camel Clutch on Maff.  Haas took out Brodie and then focused on Necro's knee.  Maff did his cannonball into the corner on Necro.  Necro kicked Maff low, then drilled Haas with a chair.  Necro drilled Haas into a chair, then Brodie kicked him.  Haas drilled Lee with an inverted atomic drop, then Maff connected with a running clothesline,.  Maff teased a dive on Necro but was drilled with a chair. 

Haas tied up Necro in an upside down Texas Cloverleaf.  Brodie went to hit him with a chair but Maff fought him off, then hit Haas with the chair.  He stood over Haas staring.  Lee covered Haas and pinned him for the Jersey State title.

Your winners, The Hillbilly Wrecking Crew.  New NJ State champion Brodie Lee!


Maff continued to beat Haas down after the match.

Jushin "Thunder" Liger vs. Homicide

Lots of streamers for Liger, who easily got the biggest chant and reaction of the evening.    They locked up and Liger took Homicide down to the mat with a leglock, then turned it over into a modified surfboard.  Dueling chants for both.  They went into a test of strength which Homicide got the better of.  When Liger came back, Homicide went to the floor.  Liger held the ropes open for him to return.  Liger used a headlock takeover on Homicide, who fought his way back over to his feet.  Liger and Homicide went back and forth with shoulderblocks, but neither got the advantage.  Liger faked out Homicide, who went to the floor.  Liger hit a sliding kick on him to the floor.  He faked out a dive, then did a flip off the apron to the floor.

Liuger challenged Homicide to return to the ring.  Homicide got the better of him and tossed Liger to the floor, the hit the tope con hilo over the top to the floor.  Homicide mocked Liger's poses in the ring, then returned to the floor, where he tossed Liger into the railing, only to have it reversed.  Homicide slid a chair into the ring but Liger took it and tossed it outside.  Liger caught Homicide as he returned to the ring, then rode him to the mat for a bow and arrow, then grabbed a Dragon Sleeper while Homicide was trapped.  Liger released the move and began working over Homicide's lower back.

Liger tied up Homicide on the mat with an abdominal stretch.  He began beating Homicide in the corner with chops but Homicide thumbed him in the eye.  Homicide did the Three Amigos suplexes.  He thought about going to the ropes, then changed his mind, covering Liger for a two count.  He cinched in a chinlock.  Liger reversed the move and took Homicide to the mat.  Liger whipped Homicide into the corner.  He went for the running palm thrust but Homicide blocked it and nailed an exploder suplex.

Homicide rebounded off the ropes with a back elbow for a two count.   He grabbed Liger for a suplex but was caught and turned into an armbreaker.  Homicide made it to the ropes.  Liger began working on Homicide's arm and shoulder.  Homicide fought back and cinched in an STF.  Liger made it to the ropes but Homicide caught him with a cutter for a two count.  Liger kicked out and made a "no no" motion with his hands.  Homicide went for the Gringo Killer but Liger turned it into a running powerbomb and scored a two count.

Liger nailed a brainbuster for a two count.  Liger went to the top for a splash but Homicide got his knees up.  Homicide went to the top but Ligergot his knees up.  Liger went to the top but Homicide caught him with the Ace Cutter off the top and scored the pin, clean.

Your winner, Homicide!

Real good match, one I'd love to see TNA bring back to the States for a larger audience.  Homicide called for a mic and called everyone to the come to the ring.  He asked that all the cameras be turned off.   He said he had a cracked rib but he was never going to miss what was going to be the greatest match of his career.  He said he didn't care if went two minutes or a thousand.  Homicide told Liger that all the workers who bust their ass and all the fans who spend their money, it was him who caused all of it.  He said, "In the words of the late, great eddie Guerrero, Viva la Liger....God bless you!"  Homicide thanked Liger.  Liger took the mic and thanked everyone in English.  He and Homicide hugged.  The workers put Liger on their shoulders and everyone cheered.  A nice, classy moment.  Homicide demanded they play Liger's music to end the night.

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