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By Mike Johnson on 2010-01-30 01:53:00
We are back from intermission. 

Bill Apter made his way to the ring.  Apter welcomed everyone to the show and asked everyone what they would be doing after the show.  He said that for an hour after the show, the WrestleReunion merchandise room would be open.  Apter asked everyone in the first two rows to stand up and they thanked everyone in those seats for their support, and said without them, they wouldn't have been able to bring ROH to LA.  He asked everyone to come out tomorrow so they would be able to bring WrestleReunion back

Scott Taylor vs. Larry Zbyszko with Jonny Fairplay as the special referee.

Fairplay was escorted to the ring by Alexis Arquette.  Fairplay ripped on the legends and said the only real world champion was David Arquette, so he was bringing the "Best Arquette", Alexis to the ring.

Taylor took the mic and said he's wrestled all over the world and up until tonight, there was only one wrestling company he never worked for, ROH.  He said that Hulk Hogan and TNA and John Cena and the WWE don't have.  He said that after being in the back all night, he saw "goddamn passion."  He turned his attention to Fairplay and said that everyone knows he's the master of the worm.  He asked Fairplay if he's had a worm in his mouth or not. 

I know this will shock the Internet, but there was a lot of stalling.  The crowd wasn't happy and chanted, "This is bullsh**."  Poor JJ Dillon, who was watching, fled the scene.  Hotty went for the worm and Fairplay turned him away from Larry, who then schoolboyed him for the pin.

Your winner, Larry Zbyszko!

It was every bit of the classic you expected it to be.

Hotty laid out Fairplay and went to give him the worm. Colt Cabana hit the ring, then laid out Hotty, gave Fairplay the worm...and the Stinkface. The crowd loved it.

Apparently the Stinkface on Fairplay was a rib as he didn't know it was coming.

Human Tornado vs. Kevin Steen

Tornado hit a dive on Steen as he was making his way to the ring.    Steen did a running rear end to the corner, decimating Tornado and the bottom rope, which sagged.  Steen continued to work over Tornado's back, spinning him in the air as he dropped Tornado over his knee.  He tossed Tornado to the floor in nasty fashion.  He whipped Tornado into the railing.  He continued to whip Tornado into the railing.

Tornado went for a dive off the apron but was caught by Steen and tossed into the railing via a Fall Away Slam.  Steen deposited Tornado back in the ring for a two count.  Steen punched Tornado in the corner.  He grabbed Tornado for a suplex but it was blocked.  He finally got Tornado up and held him for a 13 count from the crowd before dropping him.  Steen went for another but Tornado turned it into a choke.  Steen finally broke it and both men were down on the floor.

Tornado nailed Steen with the Pounce.  He nailed Steen with a knee to the back of the head from the ropes for a two count.  Steen came back with a suplex and dropped Tornado's head over his knee.  He covered Tornado, who draped his leg over the rope to break the count.  Steen nailed a forward swanton.    Steen killed him with a piledriver and a package piledriver for the pin.

Your winner, Kevin Steen!

Steen kept beating on Tornado.  Cabana hit the ring and argued with Steen.  Steen walked out through the crowd.

Really good match.  Steen's heel work was awesome here.  He's really found himself.

Since the ropes broke, they had some fun shenanigans while fixing them including Adam Pearce, Colt Cabana, Bobby Cruise, Todd Sinclair and Ace Steel all dancing.

ROH champ Austin Aries vs. Jushin "Thunder" Liger - Non Title

Aries took the mic before the bout and made fun of Japanese and Mexicans not being able to speak proper English.  He asked why everyone thinks Liger deserves a title shot when he dresses in his Underoos.  He went off on Liger.  Liger took the mic and said, "You assh***."

Aries attacked Liger from behind and began stomping him.  Aries whipped Liger into the corner and began stomping him.  Liger reversed an Irish Whip but was kicked off.  He nailed the palm strike and Aries went to the floor.  Liger nailed a baseball sliding kick.  Liger whipped Aries into the railing, then nailed a brainbuster on the floor.    Aries was almost counted out but rolled back into the ring.  Liger grabbed Aries and charged him into the corner, for a two count.

Aries, now bleeding a ton, was put into a bow and arrow.  Aries was then trapped in a rolling surfboard.  He rolled back in an attempt to pin Liger.  Liger locked in an abdominal stretch.   They battled their way to the top and went back and forth with punches.  Aries got the better of the exchange and Liger went to the floor.  Aries dove off the top on Liger to the floor, then whipped him into the railing.  Aries hit a missile dropkick off the top.

Liger came back with a tiltowhirl backbreaker.  Liger came off the top with a splash but Aries got his knees up.  Aries grabbed Liger in a waistlock and ran him out of the ring, then hit a sick looking dive to the floor. 

Back in the ring, Liger went for a powerbomb but Aries turned it into a rana, sending Liger to the floor.  Aries hit a tope suicida to the floor.  Aries tossed Liger back in for a series of two counts before locking in an Oriental Torture Device.  Aries went for a superplex, but Liger nailed a brainbuster for a two count.  Liger nailed a sitdown Ligerbomb for a two count.  Liger goes for a superplex but Aries escapes and hits a sunset flip off the ropes for a two count.

Liger went for a running palk strike but Aries pulled the ref in the way and Liger hit the ref.  As Liger looked at the ref, Aries lowblowed him and nailed a brainbuster for the pin.

Your winner, ROH champion Austin Aries!

Really good match but I hated the hell out of that finish.  You bring Liger over and do a ref bump?  Lame.

The fans chanted "Thank you Liger" as he left.

The Young Bucks & ROH Tag Team champs The Briscoes vs. The Kings of Wrestling & The American Wolves

If you think I was able to follow this one, you need your head examined.  Just get the DVD.

Davey Richards started out with Nick Jackson.  He ended up being ping ponged between everyone in the babyface's corner.  Claudio and Marc Briscoe tagged in.   They went back and forth and Marc got the better of the exchange.  Eddie Edwards and Jay Briscoe tagged in.    Edwards stomped Briscoe, who came back with chops.  The Briscoes nailed a double shoulderblock.   Matt Jackson nailed a moonsault for a near fall.

Hero tagged in and nailed Nick with an elbow to the face.  Hero and Nick went back and forth with Nick getting the better of a good, fast exchange.  Marc Briscoe tagged in. Hero took control once Nick tagged in.  Davey nailed a back suplex on Nick and knocked the other babyfaces off the apron.    The Bucks took control with a big dropkick on Edwards/  Davey nailed a Northern Lights Suplex on Nick Jackson for a two count.

The Heroes of Wrestling continued working over Nick.  The heels isolated Nick in their corner and kept beating him.  Edwards drilled him with a clubbing clothesline as he rebounded off the ropes.  Davey Richards worked over Nick, then Claudio did.  Nick began firing back but was cut off.  Nick made a fast comeback but was nailed with a spinning suplex.  Richards tagged in and he and Jackson battled for control of a suplex before Jackson got the move.

The Heroes of Wrestling and Eddie Edwards took out the babyfaces before Nick could make the tag, so his trashing continued.  Edwards nailed a suplex into a faceplant.    The Jacksons finally made a hot tag and they all did a bunch of cool stuff that was too fast for me to type.

Matt Jackson fought out of a tombstone.  He went for a superkick but Richards kicked him off.  He nailed a second one then hit a sliced bread #2 for a two count.  Richards and Matt killed each other with stiff kicks and chops.  Hero tagged in and drilled forearms and chops into Matt Jackson.  Hero teased a neckbreaker, then killed him with a discus elbow.   The Heroes nailed some double team maneuvers, culminating in a double powerbomb.

Matt made the hot tag to Mark Briscoe, who nailed a double clothesline off the top.  He nailed a running clothesline in the corner on Hero.  He went for a second but was nailed with a boot to the face.  Briscoe pulled Hero out of the corner into a powerbomb for a two count.  Claudio nailed a big boot on marc for a two count.  He started doing the big swing and swung Briscoe into a Hero dropkick.   Claudio did an airplane spin into a powerbomb for a two count.  Jay nailed a death valley driver and attempted a J-Driller for a two count.

Edwards nailed a fireman's carry into a faceplant.  He and Briscoe began killing each other with running kicks before Jay caught him with a clubbing lariat. 

It broke down into everyone brawling.    The Briscoes did stereo drives.  The Bucks followed suit.  Matt Jackson speared Edwards.  He nailed a moonsault while Nick nailed a splash off the ropes.  It broke down into a million and ones near falls and exchanges.  Edwards nailed a powerbomb and turned it into a Boston Crab.  Nick finally taps.

Your winners, The Kings of Wrestling and The American Wolves!

Awesome main event.  I couldn't keep up with anything these guys did.  Just off the charts main event.

That's all for tonight.  We'll have PWG coverage tomorrow.  Thank you for your support of

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