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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-29 19:44:00

MJF vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Adam Page vs. Jungle Boy (with Luchasaurus)

MJF did his usual great heel promo, knocking the fans and his opponents.  If he isn't AEW Champion within two years, I will be stunned.

Page had pyro for his entrance.  

Everyone battled at the bell.   Jungle Boy had a nice run of athletic moves off the ropes.  Havoc cut him off with a big slam but MFJ rolled him up for a two count after a crucifix attempt.  Page went for the Dead Eye but MJF grabbed the ropes and pulled himself to safety.  Jungle Boy went for a dive but was cut off by an MJF back elbow.  MJF mocked everyone by pretending to go for a dive but that allowed Jungle Boy to nail a dropkick, then went for a moonsault to the floor on everyone.

MJF was powerbombwed by Jungle Boy, but kicked up.  Havoc cut him off at the top rope and went for a superplex but Page broke it up.  They did a Tower of Doom, smashing into MJF who was below them.   MJF rolled up Page for a two count.  Page avoided a running lariat.  Jungle Boy nailed Page but was caught by Havoc.  Havoc reversed an Acid Rainmaker and drilled Havoc on his head.  Page nailed a lariat on Jungle Boy.  MJF broke up the pinfall from outside the ring.  Page argued with him, which allows Havok to grab him for a back suplex.  MJF nailed Havoc and covered him but this time Page pulled Havoc out of the ring, giving MJF a taste of his own medicine.

MJF and Page went nose to nose arguing in the middle of the ring before brawling in the center of the ring.  MJF nailed a chop block on Page's bad knee as Page rebounded off the ropes.  MJF mocked Bret Hart by going for a Sharpshooter but Page reversed it into oine of his own. Jungle Boy and Havoc got involved.  Havoc tossed Jungle Boy off the apron onto Luchasaurus.  Havoc came off the top with a double stomp on MJF for a two count.  The battle continues until Page nailed the Kryptonite Krunch for the pin on Havoc.

Your winner, Adam Page!

They announced Adam Page vs. Kip Sabian was official for Fight for the Fallen.

A lot of really good action here.  MJF is just off the charts and better as a character and personality than 99% of everyone out there.  Page looked really good here but I wish he had a more definitive moment to show what a threat he will be to Chris Jericho.  Jungle Boy is a great underdog character and very likeable.  Havoc looked good here. 

They aired a great video feature on Cody vs, Darby Allin

Cody (with Brandi Rhodes) vs. Darby Allin

They  locked up and Allin controlled Cody’s arm early.   Cody finally gained control with a big side headlock takeover and maintained control.  They had some nice back and forth wrestling.  Allin offered a handshake and shocked Cody with a La Magistral for a two count.  Cody had enough at that point and drilled him with a big uppercut. 

Cody nailed a hard whip into the corner that sent Allin flying to the floor.  Jim Ross quipped, “Darby Allin’s body broke his fall.”  Allin returned to the ring where Cody worked over his shoulder and drilled him hard with a suplex for a two count.  Cody controlled Allin, who kept kicking up, showing his versatility and ability to withstand punishment.  Cody nailed a lariat that sent Allin inside out.  Cody worked him over for a long time, to the point I half expect Allin to score a surprise win here.

Cody went for a delayed vertical suplex, but Darby broke free, going after the hand and fingers Cody hurt earlier.  He hit a twisting splash off the ropes.   Allin locked in an armbar until Cody made it to the ropes, forcing a break.  Darby followed up with some big offense including a Code Red for a near fall.  Allin went to the top rope as they announced five minutes were left.  Cody cut him off and nailed an inverted superplex off the top.  That elicited a big "AEW" chant.    I am guessing a draw.

Allin regained control and had Rhodes on the apron.  He went for the Coffin Drop backwards off the top but Cody moved out of the way and Allin took an EVIL insane bump on the corner of the apron.  Rhodes nailed Allin and placed him inside the body bag that Allin carried to the ring.  Cody stood him up an d kicked him down, then took him out of the bag.  Allin still kicked up and regained his footing before going back down.  The crowd chanted for Darby.  Cody covered Allin, who kicked up at one.  Cody began lashing him with his belt.  He went for CrossRhodes but Allin nailed a stunner.   Rhodes nailed another CrossRhodes but the bell rang as Cody had him down for a two count before the referee could count the third fall.

Time limit draw.

As a match designed to show Allin as someone who won't back down despite extreme punishment, it was a very good effort.  

They teased they may do five more minutes but Shawn Spears hit the ring and hit Cody in the head with a big chairshot to the head.  Cody didn't put his hands up, so expect a lot of criticism for that one and it will be well deserved.  There is ZERO reason to do such chairshots anymore and Cody taking will only inspire others to do it.  Cody was bleeding from the back of the head.  Brandi got in the ring and Spears acted like he was going to go after her but the referee got in between them.  MJF, who has been linked to Cody in storylines, hit the ring with a chair.  Scorpio Sky and Kazarian came out to the ring as well.  Lots of blood from the back of Cody's head.  They had ice pressed on the back of Cody's head as he left the ring and was walked out by Dean Malenko, MJF and Brandi.

The angle was obviously done to make Shawn Spears a player here with a feud against Cody.  It sort of overshadowed the Allin effort, however.

Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks vs. AAA Tag Team Champions Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix & Laredo Kid.

The Bucks and Kenny came out dressed as characters from Street Fighter.  I'm doing coverage dressed as Pitfall Harry, for the record.

Laredo Kid and Matt Jackson started out.  Everyone went back and forth before all facing off in the ring.  Everyone battled in the ring.  The Elite were all hit with stereo dropkicks, then stereo dives from the Lucha Brothers as a quebrada from Kid. lon

Nick Jackson hit the ring but was worked over. Matt Jackson hit a cool series of Northern Light suplexes that Hiroshi Hase would have shook his head at.  The crowd loved the hell out of it.  Omega was going for a dive but Pentagon Jr. got in his face and they went back and forth.  Fenix got involved so the Bucks took him out with double team maneuvers.  The Elite triple-teamed Laredo Kid.  

This broke down in all sorts of insane lucha libre six man action with tons of highspots and madness.    Like, legitimately, way too much to do PBP on.  Tons of near falls and big moves.  I always do my best to catch up, but it's near-impossible.  Fenix was backdropped over Kenny (who was sitting on the top) and the ring post by his own brother to wipe out one of the Bucks.  Nick Jackson rescued Kenny Omega from a double team, setting up a superkick party.  The Bucks and Omega used a big move from Street Fighter for a HUGE pop.    They hit a triple Liger Bomb for a two count.  The crowd chanted "This is awesome."

Nick Jackson hit a 450 splash on Fenix and Laredo, who were draped off the ropes.  Pentagon drilled Omega with a big kick and nailed Nick Jackson with a Slingblade on the floor.  Omega nailed the V-Trigger on Laredo but was nailed with a cutter by Fenix.  Nick Jackson hit a cutter on Fenix.  They set up for a Meltzer Driver on the floor but Nick missed a step, allowing Fenix to grab him and hit a Spanish Fly off the top onto everyone.  Omega and Kid battled.  Kid kicked out of a Tiger Driver '98.

Omega nailed a V-Trigger knee and hit a One-Winged Angel on Kid.

Your winners, The Elite!

This was your insane spectacle.  It delivered.

They explained that the next match is non-sanctioned.  No rules, no count out, no disqualification, unsanctioned.  Justin Roberts explained that when the lights went out, the show was officially over and when they came back on, the next bout was unsanctioned.

Joey Janela vs. Jon Moxley

They began brawling immediately.  Janela sent Moxley to the floor and hit a tope.  They brawled into the crowd and around the building.  They returned to the ringside area, where Janela pulled a table out from under the ring.  Janela took a fan’s prosthetic leg to nail Moxley.  Moxley nailed him and pulled a chair out from under the ring.  Moxley, bleeding under the right  eye, worked over Janela before going to the floor, where he pulled a barbed wire wrapped chair from under the ring.

Moxley stomped Janela's hand and grabbed the chair.  He placed it on Janela's chest, then stomped it, grinding the chair into Janela's chest and arms.  The crowd chanted., "You sick f***" and Moxley bowed.  He went to the top but Janela caught him and sent him off the ropes onto the barbed wire chair, then nailed him across the back with it.  Moxley's back began bleeding.  Janela brought another table into the ring and set it up in the corner.  Moxley grabbed him and tried to hit a DVDR over the top to the table on the floor but Janela saved himself.  They battled on the apron.  Janela hit Side Russian Legsweep off the apron through the table on the floor.  The crowd chanted "AEW."

They battled back into the ring, where Moxley speared Janela through the table in the corner.  Moxley pulled another table from under the ring.  He set two tables up next to each other on the floor.  Janela, who had recovered, gave him the double bird.  Moxley was pissed at that and began stomping him.  Moxley, now pissed, pulled a barbed wire board out.  He placed it in the corner of the ring.  He went after Janela, who fought him off and nailed a DVDR into the barbed wire board.  Moxley was tangled in the wire.  Janela pulled him painfully out and covered him for a two count.

They battled with forearms.  Moxley wiped out Janela with a big lariat.  Their war of attrition continued with Janela pulling out a ladder.  Janela placed Moxley on the tables on the floor.  Janela climbed to the top of the ladder and dove off with a flying elbow through the tables.  The crowd chanted, "Holy sh**."  Janela bridged another barbed wire board between the ring apron and the guard rail but Moxley grabbed him and nailed a DDT. He then hit a DVDR over the ropes through the barbed wire board.  Janela pulled himself out but was out on the floor.

Moxley dragged Janela back into the ring and began drilling him with Muay-Thai knee strikes to the face.  Moxley went under the ring and pulled out a bucket.  He poured thumbtacks across the mat and took Janela's boot.  The crowd chanted, "You sick f***" again.  Janela tried to escape but he was grabbed and slammed across them by Moxley.  Moxley then dropped him feet first on the tacks and you could see them embedded in the soles of his foot.  EEEW.  Joey screamed in pain but gave Moxley the finger.  

Moxley poured more tacks across the mat and nailed Dirty Deeds into the tacks for the pin.

Your winner, Jon Moxley!

You knew what you were getting here and well, you sure as hell got it.  The crowd chanted, "AEW" after the match.

As Moxley left, Kenny Omega charged down the apron and nailed a running knee.  He nailed a piledriver on the broken table on the floor.  Moxley was trapped underneath.  Omega came off the top with a double stomp onto the table.  They brawled around the ringside area and up to the entrance stage.  They battled to the abandoned musical instruments from the "canceled" music acts.  Moxley was beaten with them before Omega stomped off.  Moxley was being helped out by two referees, but shoved them down.  Omega charged back out with a trash can and beat Moxley with it.  He nailed the Dirty Deeds DDT on the trash can on Moxley, hitting him with his own move.  Moxley smiled at Omega as they went off the air.

That's all from AEW Fyterfest.  Thank you for your support of!


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