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By Richard Trionfo on 2019-05-13 22:59:00

After the match, Nikki helps Alexa put a ladder into the ring.  

Nikki sets up the ladder and she starts to climb it but Alexa decides to climb it instead.  Alexa grabs the briefcase.

Sami Zayn is in the back and he says he is looking at social media and no one says he has a chance against Braun Strowman.  That is just you projecting.  Sami says he stands a great chance of winning.  It is because he fights for a cause while Braun is a manifestation of your toxic beliefs.  That is not how life works.  Wanna know what is better than being big or strong?  It is about being right.  Sami says he will find a way to beat Braun and enter the Money in the Bank ladder match.

We go to comments from Samoa Joe about Rey Mysterio.  Joe says it seems for someone of diminutive size, you talk a big game when you are not around.  Joe says he did not cross the line, you crossed the line when you brought Dominic into the WWE.  Someone needs to teach him to be a man and you are not the one to do it.  Joe says he will see Rey on Sunday and he hopes he sees Dominic there.

Match Number Five:  Rey Mysterio versus Cesaro

Cesaro with a waist lock take down but Rey with punches.  Rey escapes a slam and drop kicks Cesaro in the knee and hits a spike rana.  Rey is sent into the turnbuckles and hits a satellite head scissors.  Cesaro with a boot and tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall.  Rey with punches and they go over the top rope to the floor but Cesaro holds on to Rey on his shoudlers but Rey sends Cesaro into the ringside barrier.  Rey with a sliding sunset flip but Cesaro rolls through and sends Rey into the ringside barrier a few times with a giant swing.

They return to the ring and Cesaro gets a near fall.  Cesaro sets for a suplex to the floor but Rey with a knee and he goes to the apron.  Rey with a punch but Cesaro with a boot.  Cesaro goes shoulder first into the ring post when Rey leaps over Cesaro.  Rey goes up top and Cesaro with a running European uppercut.  Cesaro with a delayed superplex for a near fall.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rey with a kick.  Cesaro rolls through on a sunset flip attempt and Rey counters into a DDT.  Rey with a springboard seated splash followed by a satellite head scissors and La Magistral for a near fall.  Rey wtih a forearm and head scissors that sends Cesaro into the ropes.  Cesaro blocks the 619 and Cesaro with a giant swing but he lets go out of sympathy.  Cesaro with a European uppercut that sends Rey into the ropes.  Cesaro thinks about it and he goes for the Tiger Feint Kick but Rey avoids it and Rey with a kick.  Rey with a slingshot Code Red for a near fall.  

Rey goes up top and is met with a European uppercut for a near fall.  Cesaro sets for the Gotch Style Neutralizer but Rey counters and sends Cesaro into the ropes and hits the 619 and then Rey goes up top for the frog splash for the three count.

Winner:  Rey Mysterio

We take a look at the issues between The Usos and the Revival over the last few weeks.

Scott Dawson wants to know what kind of weirdo voyeur watches a guy getting his back shaved.  Dash says he was helping a friend.  Dash says you took it too far with Ucey Hot.  Scott says the Ball is in your court.  Scott says they are not hard to find.  The embarrassment to the Revival stops now.

Seth Rollins is in the interview area.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the latest Firefly Fun House.  Bray says he has a secret.  Abby says it better be good.  Mercy says he has stuff to do.  Bray says it is almost time to show everyone what he is working on.  He asks for all of the Fireflies to help him.  Bray says this warms his soul, but there is still some darkness in this noggin.  Bray says he knows how to harness it and control it.  Do you want see his secret? 

We go to a darkened house and he asks to be let in.  Bray is in a mask and we hear Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

We take a look at the Contract Signing from earlier tonight.

We go to Universal Champion Seth Rollins in the back.

Seth is told that the forearm last week was unintentional.  Seth says we are beyond that.  This is not about respect.  It is personal.  This is the first time they meet in a WWE ring.  They met fifteen years ago in a small building and it was the first time that his friends and family believed in him.  It will be a statement match on Sunday.  It is not about proving anything to his friends and family, it will be about proving it to myself and to AJ Styles.  That this is his industry and this is his show.  Fifteen years ago, he looked up to AJ Styles.  When the dust settles on Sunday, AJ will be looking up to him.

Match Number Six:  Sami Zayn versus Braun Strowman in a Falls Count Anywhere Match for Braun Strowman's Spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Sami draws Braun to the floor and then Sami runs into a shoulder tackle.  Braun with a splash into the corner followed by a second splash.  Sami goes to the floor and Braun follows and knocks Sami down with a running shoulder tackle.  Braun goes for another lap around the ring and Braun with another running shoulder tackle.  They return to the ring and Sami goes to the floor and into the crowd.

Braun follows Sami into the seating area and Braun with a punch.  Sami throws a drink in Braun's face to get away from Braun.  Sami goes into the concourse as Braun follows.  Sami hits Braun with a trash can  and Braun with a knee and he sends Sami into a post.  Sami is sent into the post many times.  Braun gets a near fall with a Jericho cover.  Braun with a punch.  Baron Corbin hits Braun with a series of trash cans.

Sami gets a near fall.  Baron continues to attack Braun with a trash can.  Baron with a back drop driver through the merchandise table and Sami gets a near fall.  Braun sends Corbin into the merchandise stand as we go to commercial.

We are back and Sami is running down the aisle with Braun following him.  Sami hits Braun with a chair.  Sami hits Braun in the back with the chair.  Strowman blocks the chair shot and takes the chair from Sami and Braun with a punch.  Braun grabs a ladder but Sami runs away so Braun drops the ladder.  They go into the back.  Sami throws things at Braun to try to slow him down but Braun catches up to Sami and sends him into the metal door.  Drew McIntyre attacks Braun and sets up a chair.

Drew with a DDT onto the chair and Sami gets a near fall.  Drew throws a chair at the referee but Drew is sent into the monitor by Braun and then Braun hits Drew with a cooler.  They make their way into the gorilla position and back into the arena.  Braun with a kick to the head and then he grabs a ladder and hits Sami with it in the midsection and back.  Braun drops ladders onto Sami but Baron hits Braun and Drew joins in.  Braun punches Drew and Baron hits Braun from behind.  Baron with punches and Drew grabs a ladder.  Drew hits Braun with the ladder.  Braun punches Drew but Drew punches back and Baron and Drew suplex Braun onto a ladder.  

Drew with a Claymore and Baron pulls Sami onto Braun and Baron and Drew add pressure on the cover for the three count.

Winner:  Sami Zayn

Braun Strowman grabs Sami Zayn and they make their way to the announce table.  Braun choke slams Sami through the announce table.

We go to credits.


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