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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-06-26 23:05:00

We are back and it is time for Sasha Banks to choose her number and she is happy.

Paul Heyman is in the ring and he introduces himself and he says he is the advocate for the beast that instills fear in the face of everyone who enters the ring with him, BROCK LESNAR.  Paul says there is one exception that defies that rule.  The fearless Samoa Joe.  Samoa Joe does not fear Brock Lesnar.  Samoa Joe stepped into this ring and pulled a cheap shot on Brock. . . 

Paul says if he wanted to start a fight in the locker room, he would make a cheap shot so everyone would pile on to separate them.  Brock was held back and then Joe hit cheap shot number two when he kicked Brock in the face.  One would think by now, Samoa Joe would have some fear in his heart for Brock Lesnar.  Samoa Joe remains fearless.  Is that impressive to him?  No, it means that Samoa Joe is a Samoan Dumbass.

Samoa Joe is not burdened with great intelligence, but it takes a smart man to know when to fear.  Paul tells Joe it is time to start fearing Brock Lesnar.  While you hae enjoyed the anticipation, now bathroom break is over.  It is time to hit record and it is the moment you will talk about tomorrow.

Paul introduces the beast and conqueror who will call out Samoa Joe tonight for a fight . . . BROCK LESNAR.

Samoa Joe attacks Lesnar on the stage and he applies the Kokina Clutch.  Brock turns around and runs Joe into the TitanTron and they continue to battle.  Joe returns to the choke and Brock's face turns red, redder than usual.

Wrestlers come out to pull Joe off Lesnar and Joe goes to the back.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of Samoa Joe taking advantage of the Brock Bounce with an attack from behind on the WWE Universal Champion.

We are back and Akira Tozawa is at ringside for the next match.

Match Number Four:  Lince Dorado versus Neville in a Non Title Match

Neville with a kick to the midsection and he sends Dorado into the turnbuckles.  Neville chokes Dorado in the corner.  Neville with a hard Irish whip  Neville sends Dorado into the turnbuckles again.  Neville waves at Tozawa as he continues to send Dorado into the turnbuckles.  Dorado sends Neville into the turnbuckles but Neville with a kick and a side head lock take down.  Dorado with a chop but Neville with a back heel kick.  Dorado with a drop kick followed by a tope con hilo followed by a cross body for a near fall.  Neville with a back heel kick followed by a drop kick to the temples and Neville applies the Rings of Saturn and Dorado taps out.

Winner:  Neville

After the match, Neville tells Tozawa to get into the ring and he does. 

Titus O'Neil's music plays and he comes out.  He asks why would you fight for free since he just finalized a match between them for Great Balls of Fire.   Titus tells Neville we are going to find out real soon if the Neville Level has anything in comparison to the Power of Tozawa.

Emma chooses between the final two balls in the tumbler as we go to commercial.

We take a look back at how Raw started and we are told that Roman got out of the ambulance and is looking for Braun.

Paul Heyman walks in the back and he is ambushed for comments about what happened between Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar.

Paul says that Samoa Joe proved everything he said about him.  Joe is the Samoan that Samoans do not want to be associated with.  Joe had to sneak behind his client to choke him out.  If Joe applies that hold in 13 days, he will have an ex-champion as his client.  Paul says he is loving every minute of this.  Brock has his back against the wall, so his client cannot be jumped from behind.  Paul says this will be a down and dirty fight to a brutal finish.  Joe will finally be taken to Suplex City and given an F-5.  He will finally be conquered and victimized.  Joe will wake up in the trainer's room and he will ask if that is what it is like to fight the beast . . .Goodness gracious Great Balls of Fire.

Alexa stops Nia Jax in the back and asks her what number did she get.  Alexa says they are alike.  She has been judged by people.  No one expected her to succeed.  Even her mother laughed.  They are both judged on how they look and that is not right.  It is not easy to be judged.  Whether you go out first, last or in between, there is not a single woman in that match who can drag her down.

Nia thanks Alexa and Alexa wishes her luck.

Nia says she does not need it and she will face Alexa for the title at Great Balls of Fire.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Five:  Number One Contender Gauntlet Match for the Raw Women's Title featuring Emma, Nia Jax, Dana Brooke, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Mickie James

Segment One:  Nia Jax versus Bayley

Nia pushes Bayley a few times and Bayley stomps on the foot and connects with a series of forearms.  Nia with Snake Eyes to Bayley and she follows with a clothesline.  Nia with shoulders in the corner.  Nia with a hip to the head and then she chokes Bayley in the ropes.  Bayley with punches and Nia with a head butt.  Nia with shoulders in the corner and she argues with the referee.  That allows Bayley to recover and she moves out of the corner.  Bayley with knees and a kick from the apron.

Bayley goes up top and she hits an elbow to the back and she gets a near fall.  Bayley gets another near fall and then she kicks Nia in the leg.  Nia kicks Bayley away but Bayley returns to the legs.  Nia kicks Bayley into the turnbuckles.  Bayley with a drop kick and she goes up top, but Nia stops her and Nia with a Samoan drop for the three count.

Segment Number Two:  Nia Jax versus Mickie James

Nia kicks Mickie in the corner and chokes her.  Mickie with forearms but Nia with a bear hug.  Mickie with elbows to try to get out of the hold.  Mickie goes for a sunset flip but Nia does not go down.  Nia picks up Mickie and reapplies the bear hug.  Mickie with forearms and a slap.  Nia stops Mickie from going through her legs.  Nia picks up Mickie and Mickie with a drop kick and round kicks.  Nia refuses to be Irish whipped and Nia with an Irish whip.  Mickie with a kick and she comes off the turnbuckles with a seated splash for a near fall.

Mickie with the Mick Kick and she sets for the DDT but Nia throws her away and connects with a running body block for the three count.

Segment Three:  Nia Jax versus Dana Brooke

Dana is thrown into the corner and Nia misses a splash.  Dana goes for a handspring back splash into the corner but Nia pushes her away and hits a leg drop for the three count.

Segment Four:  Nia Jax versus Emma

Emma comes to the ring but she goes to the floor and Nia pulls her to the apron.  Emma drops Nia on the top rope.  Emma with a series of drop kicks and she gets a near fall.  Emma goes up top and Nia catches her and hits a Samoan drop for the three count.

Segment Five:  Nia Jax versus Sasha Banks

Sasha with forearms but Nia pushes her away.  Sasha with forearms and a jaw breaker.  Sasha with a jaw breaker.  Nia charges at Sasha and Sasha backs to the ropes and Nia goes through the middle rope to the floor.  Nia catches Sasha on a suicide dive but Sasha gets to her feet and sends Nia into the ring post.  Sasha with Meteora and we go to commercial.

We are back and Nia with a reverse chin lock.  We see footage from the commercial when Nia took Sasha down.  Sasha is sent to the floor and the referee makes his count.  Nia sends Sasha into the turnbuckles but Sasha with kicks.  Sasha moves out of the corner and she hits a running double knee strike and she goes for it a second time.  Nia with a bear hug and a clothesline for a near fall.  

Nia sends Sasha to the floor.   Sasha holds her ankle while the referee makes his count.  Sasha with punches but Nia with a forearm to the back.  Nia stomps on the back.  Nia with a slam to Sasha and she hits an elbow drop but she can only get a near fall.  Nia sends Sasha to the floor again.  Sasha gets back to the apron and she drops Nia on the top rope.  Sasha with forearms but Nia with a shoulder tackle.  Nia with a running hip to the head.

Nia with a camel clutch in the ropes and then she drops Sasha's head onto the apron.  Nia gets a near fall.  Nia with head butts.  Nia continues to work on the injured leg.  Nia sends Sasha to the floor another time.  Sasha gets back in the ring and she applies a bear hug.  Nia gets a near fall when Sasha's shoulders drop to the mat while in the bear hug.  Nia with a modified Falcon Arrow for a near fall.  Nia goes for a suplex but Sasha blocks it.  Nia gets Sasha up but Sasha gets to her feet and she tries for a rollup but cannot get Nia down.  Nia misses a sit out splash and Sasha with a Shining Wizard but she cannot make the cover.

Sasha with a head lock but Nia with a Samoan drop and Sasha rolls to the apron.  Sasha kicks Nia from the apron.  Nia picks up Sasha by the hair and goes for another Samoan drop but Sasha with a chin lock on Nia's back.  Sasha with a chin lock on Nia's back and Nia falls to her knees.  Nia has to tap out.

Winner:  Sasha Banks

After the match, Kurt Angle's music plays and he makes his way to the ring to congratulate Sasha Banks and raise her hand in victory.

Alexa Bliss makes her way to the ring and she shows Sasha she is the champion.  Sasha with a drop kick and she kicks Alexa out of the ring and grabs the title belt.

We go to credits.

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