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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-04-03 23:04:00

We are back and there is NO CHANCE that Vince McMahon would not want to be on the Raw after Wrestlemania.

Vince says he wants to say something to everyone who is watching but he wants to say Thank You.  He thanks everyone and for making Wrestlemania the Ultimate Thrill Ride.

Vince says that next week there is going to be a Superstar Shake Up.  Something shook all of them to the foundation at Wrestlemania.  It broke his heart and it broke yours.  Vince shows footage from last night when Stephanie was knocked off the apron through a table.  Vince says his daughter will be out of action for some time.  He says she was almost broken in half.  Vince says the crowd is being a little insensitive.  Vince says they are being cruel.  Since the commissioner is out of action and there is no General Manager.  It is time to name a new General Manager.

Vince says this new General Manager was just inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Teddy Long's music plays and he dances on the stage, but Vince stops the Teddy Tango.

Teddy is shocked that it is not him.

Teddy says MY BAD and then Hollas his way off the stage.

Vince introduces the new General Manager and there is no music.  The music does not work again.  Vince says he is a prima donna so he hopes it is not the wrong decision.  He introduces Kurt Angle.

The crowd serenades Kurt with 'You Suck' chants.

Kurt says it is great to be back on Monday Night Raw.  He says it's True . . . It's Damn True.

We go to commercial.

We are back and The New Day come to the ring.

Big E says what a night.  Wrestlemania was one for the ages.  It was a Wrestlemania so thrilling all of the blood in his head rushed to his . . . 

Kofi says they were all excited and honored to host a record setting event for you people.

Xavier asks about the 'you people' comment.  Kofi says he meant the WWE Universe.  Kofi says a part of them were sad that they couldn't do what they do best.  Get in the ring and whoop some butt.

Xavier makes an open challenge to anyone in the locker room.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder make their way to the ring.  They attack the Pop Cart.

Match Number Three:  Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder versus Xavier Woods and Big E (with Kofi Kingston)

Dawson and Woods start off and Dawson with forearms.  Wilder tags in and he connects with a knee to the arm followed by punches and a snap mare.  Woods with a satellite head scissors and a chop.  Woods goes for an O'Connor Roll but Dawson tags in and hits a Divorce Court and we go to commercial.

We are back and Dawson with a punch to Woods for a near fall.  Dawson with a hammer lock and he sends Woods into Wilder's knee.  Wilder tags in and connects with a forearm to the back.  Wilder puts Woods on the turnbuckles but Woods knocks Wilder off the apron.  Wilder works on the arm and then he tries for a superplex.  Woods with forearms and he knocks Wilder to the mat.  Woods with a missile drop kick. Dawson tags in and he stops Woods, but Woods makes the tag.  Big E with two overhead belly-to-belly suplex and he avoids a clothesline and hits a belly-to-belly suplex.

Big E clotheslines Wilder over the top rope when he tries to stop the splash.  Big E misses the spear but Woods tags in.  Woods wends Wilder to the apron.  Woods chops Dawson and he follows with forearms.  Dawson with a forearm but Woods with a rolling elbow.  Wilder tags in and Woods punches Dawson but Wilder and Dawson hit Shatter Machine for the three count.

Winners:  Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

After the match, they attack Kofi and Dawson with an Indian Death Lock and Wilder comes off the turnbuckles and stomps the ankle.

Kurt Angle is in his office and he takes some things out of his box.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady enter to introduce themselves.

Angle dead pans responses to Enzo's intro and he says he has had a great week.

Enzo is confused and he says they are not doing too good.  Enzo says they have gold around their neck.  Colin says they don't have any gold around their waist.  Enzo wants to know why the Hardy Boys were in that match on Sunday and why are they the champions?  

Kurt says he has no idea what Enzo is talking about.  He says if you are looking to get closer to the tag titles.  They will compete in a number one contender match against Sheamus and Cesaro.  Colin says he will spell out what he think of Cesaro and Sheamus.

They leave and Kurt says that isn't how you spell soft.

Bayley comes to the ring as we go to commercial.

Match Number Four:  Bayley, Dana Brooke, and Sasha Banks versus Nia Jax, Charlotte, and Emma

Charlotte and Dana start things off but Emma decides to start things off with Dana's first Bestie.  Emma sends Dana into the turnbuckles and Dana with a knee and she tries for a slam.  Emma pulls Dana to the mat with a pull of the hair.  Emma with a drop kick and she wants to face Bayley.  Bayley tags in and they lock up.  Emma with an arm bar and wrist lock.  Emma keeps Bayley on the mat with arm wringers.  Emma gets a near fall.

Emma with an arm bark and Irish whip but Bayley with an elbow and arm drag off the turnbuckles.  Bayley with a drop toe hold and she rolls around on Emma's back.  Charlotte distracts Bayley and Emma with a punch.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Nia works over Bayley and then Charlotte tags in.  Charlotte chops Bayley while Nia holds Bayley.  Charlotte puts Bayley in the tree of woe and she kicks Bayley.  Emma tags in and she kicks Bayley.  Emma pulls Bayley by the pony tail from the floor.  Charlotte puts Bayley in the ropes and Charlotte with knees to the leg.  Charlotte with chops.  Bayley sends Charlotte over the top rope to the floor.  

Charlotte pulls Sasha off the apron before she can make the tag.  Charlotte sends Bayley back to Charlotte's corner.  Charlotte stops Bayley from making the tag for a moment.  Sasha makes the tag and hits Meteora and she knocks Nia and Emma off the apron.  Sasha with a head scissors take down and a running double knee strike in the corner.  Charlotte is put in the ropes and Sasha with a double knee drop and she gets a near fall.  Dana with Wasteland to Emma.  Dana and Sasha with a double drop kick that forces Nia to the floor.  Bayley with a cross body to Nia from the apron.

Charlotte goes for Natural Selection but Sasha counters into Banks Statement and Charlotte taps out.

Winners:  Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Dana Brooke

After the match, Charlotte pushes Emma and Nia.  They argue and Nia with a splash to Charlotte.  Emma leaves while Nia hits a biel and a leaping elbow drop.  

Kurt Angle is in his office and he asks Sami Zayn what is he trying to say. 

Sami says he had a great relationship with the former GM and he is looking to cultivate that same relationship.  Sami says this Superstar Shakeup could send him to Smackdown.  Shane seems cool, but he is a McMahon.

Kurt says that Sami exerts Intelligence, Intensity, and Integrity.  Kurt says that Sami will be just fine.

Sami appreciates what Kurt said and he wants to ask Kurt one more thing.  Sami says that he is not one of Stephanie's favorites.

Jinder Mahal says that he should have won the Battle Royal.  Jinder demands justice.

Sami says he was talking and Jinder says that Sami had his time.

Kurt says problems will be settled in the ring tonight.

We go to commercial.

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