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By Patrick Torres on 2014-06-08 14:24:52

WWE LIVE Las Cruces, New Mexico 6-7-14

Kofi Kingston pinned Damian Sandow. Nice opener. Pre taped video of Sandow addressing the crowd before the event began. Gave it a nice Raw vibe.

Bo Dallas pinned Zack Ryder. Bo did a good job of getting over.

The Divas triple threat match was given a fair amount of time and was the best match of night. Others might correct me but I believe Natalya got the best pop of the night. It was at least as loud as The Shield's. Paige submitted Alicia for the win. It's too bad the Divas don't get this much time on TV.

Cody Rhodes and Golddust defeated Rybaxel. No tease of a brotherhood split.

Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae defeated Fandango and Layla.

Cesaro pinned Jack Swagger.

The Shield defeated Randy Orton and Seth Rollins by DQ. Crowd was way into this one.

The floor was sold out. The permanent seats of the Pan American Center was about 2/3 full. It's a 13K arena without the floor seats. Good crowd.

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