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By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-03 09:24:21
As we noted last week, Kurt Angle gutted his way through the TNA UK tour with a knee injury and is slated to undergo surgery shortly after he returns to the United States. The surgery was originally planned for late January but was pushed back by Angle so he didn't miss the TNA tour after Jeff Hardy was unable to go and Sting left the company, leaving Angle as the biggest "name" on the roster.

During the Glasgow, Scotland tapings, an angle was shot where Angle was beaten with steel chairs, which appears to be where he is written out of TNA storylines.

The next day in Manchester, Angle was informed by TNA Creative that he was slated to do a run-in during a segment. Sources indicated that Angle hit the roof because he had already been written out of storylines and because he was working despite doctor's orders to not do anything physical due to the impending surgery. John Gaburick was said to have been on the wrong end of Angle's rant and in the end, Angle did not work that taping.

However, an angle was filmed at the Wembley Arena where Angle, after accepting his TNA Hall of Fame induction, ends up in a physical confrontation with Ethan Carter III and announces he will wrestle Carter in a cage at Lockdown.

So, unless the angles were filmed out of sequence, it appears TNA is expecting Angle to gut through the Lockdown PPV as well. He has not, to date, been featured in any of the marketing for the show.

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