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By Jimmy Kelly on 2014-01-19 12:11:31

Daniel Bryan was held off of the show due to the concussion he suffered on Raw.  He was missed.

Kofi Kingston beat The Miz in the opener.

Bray Wyatt beat The Big Show, who was brought in to replace Bryan.  Before the match Wyatt said Bryan wasn't there because he was a coward and made an open challenge.  Show took him up on it but lost to Sister Abigail.

Natalya beat AJ Lee (with Tamina).  It was a non-Title match.  Afterward, Nattie dedicated the win to Mae Young and they played the video they did for Young.

Tyler Breeze beat Justin Gabriel.

Big E Langston beat Damien Sandow to retain the Intercontinental Title.

Bad News Barrett beat Tyson Kidd.

R-Truth beat Fandango.

CM Punk beat The Shield in a handicap match.  Great action, typical of when they work together.

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