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By Mike Johnson on 2013-12-08 13:29:47
The preview for tonight's Total Divas: "Trinity grows tired of Jon's jealous ways. Nikki is annoyed when Brie refers to Nikki's injury as a "vacation". Nattie and TJ are devastated when they have to euthanize their cat, Gismo."

Next week's episode will feature Daniel Bryan's proposal to Brie Bella.

The debut edition of the WWE's new comic book will be released on 12/11. Written by Mick Foley, here's the synopsis for the first issue: "Pandemonium Squared," Part 1 of 4. An all-new adventure straight from the world of WWE's powerful, ongoing clashes. It all starts with a fierce battle between WWE Champion John Cena and Mark Henry, but quickly turns into all-out chaos! Soon virtually every WWE Superstar faces off in a no-holds-barred Brawl to End it All - but what has caused the wrestlers to virtually go berserk? Can Vickie Guerrero and Booker T manage such chaos, or will Mr. McMahon have to step in? Featuring CM Punk, Fandango, Sheamus and more! "

The Lex Luger autobiography will be getting a paperback release in May 2014.

Remember Tiger Ali Singh?

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