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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-17 09:39:09
WWE and songwriter James Papa are currently trying to work out a settlement in Papas' lawsuit against the company for using WCW Slamjam music without proper credit and payment as well as allegedly misappropriating the copyrights and credit for their in-house composer James Johnston. They recently had a meeting trying to resolve the issues with a third party mediating and while nothing was settled, both sides agreed to meet again.

WWE ran another video interview where Michaels Cole asked Triple H about the events of Raw. HHH referred to Big Show as the "wrestler formerly known as Big Show, Paul Wight" and said he would deal with him Monday as well as the Rhodes family. Unlike previous interviews, it was obvious the idea here was that HHH has lost his cool demeanor and was pissed, even threatening Cole and getting in his face.

Olympic wrestling coach James Johnson was at the WWE Performance Center this week.

Steven Fernandes reporting....On the current season of 'The Ultimate Fighter' is a competitor named Josh Hill. His nickname is 'Gentleman'. On tonight's show, another fighter asked him how he came up with the nickname. He said his Great-Uncle was a pro wrestler with WWF, using the name 'Gentleman' Jerry Valiant, so that's where he took the name from.

Former WCW and WWF star Marc Mero made a talking appearance in Osceola, Florida, which was covered by the local media.

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