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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-06 09:12:00
WWE will present the first-ever Battleground PPV tonight in Buffalo, NY will feature:

*WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton to name new champion.

*World champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam - Hardcore Rules.

*WWE Divas champion AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella

*CM Punk vs. Ryback

*WWE Tag Team champions The Shield vs. Cody Rhodes & Goldust (with Dusty Rhodes): Rhodes' Careers Are On The Line.

*WWE Intercontinental champ Curtis Axel vs. R-Truth.

*Bray Wyatt vs. Kofi Kingston.

Pre-Show: Damien Sandow vs. Dolph Ziggler. will have live, ongoing coverage of Battleground tonight.

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