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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-15 10:37:43
Darren Young's announcement that he was gay has been picked up by a ton of mainstream media, so expect to hear a lot about it over the next few days.

The Maria Menounos AXXESS match will take place Sunday afternoon. WWE has not specified the time of the match, but if you are attending the Sunday AXXESS, that's when it will take place.

As previously noted here on the site, The Miz won't be wrestling at Summerslam, but will be the official host of Sunday's PPV. One of the things he'll be doing this Sunday is wearing the new Google Glass to stream photos and videos directly to fans following along with the event on This will be the first time WWE has utilized the technology during one of their PPV events, so if it goes well, expect it to be adopted into their regular online coverage. Technology website has a story on WWE's usage of Google Glass and more for Summerslam.

As we noted on the NXT Post Game show, developmental star Garrett Dylan was recently released. He's the son of singer Kris Kristofferson. His NXT team with Scott Dawson showed a lot of promise.

Mark Henry was interviewed by The Miami Herald at this link.

Tickets for the 10/27 Hell in A Cell PPV in Miami, Florida will go on sale on 8/24.

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