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By Byron Kedeton on 2013-05-13 08:59:30

Here are results from Southern Wrestling Superstars may 11 show in Oak Grove, LA. The show drew a hot crowd of more than 1100 people, outdrawing TNA shows in the area. It was the biggest Independent show in Louisiana in recent history, as you can see:

*Steve Anthony defeated Ricky Starks in a great opener.

*John Saxxon, Franky Thomas,& Bou Ko Deo defeated Rough & Ready and Jeremy Young.

*Cassidy Riley then came out to a huge ovation to address his hometown crowd. It was no doubt who they came to see. Riley's promo was cut off by Robbie E and Mr Pec-Tac-ular Jessie Godderz. Great mic work here by all 3 guys before it turns into a brawl with Robbie and Jessie getting the best of Cassidy,only to have Chase Stevens come out and make the save and setting up the main event of the night with The Hotshots vs. Robbie E and Mr Pectacular

*Tracy Taylor defeated Reby Sky in a match billed for the Women's World Title.

*Micah Taylor defeated Al Snow in a very solid match.

*Matt Hardy vs. Luke Hawx went to a double countout after both men began brawling around the ring that would lead to the locker room clearing to separate the two.

*The Hotshots, Cassidy Riley & Chase Stevens, defeated Robbie E and Jesse Goddez in main event. Crowd was on their feet entire match. The finish came when Riley pinned Robbie after a Stevens' frog splash.

Notes: A Very very good showing for SWS on its debut. It was a top quality show complete with professionally produced entrance videos and a great entrance set up.....Dan Sawyer was ring announcer and host for the evening and did a terrific job.....If SWS can capitalize off this show, they could easily become the new staple of the top Independent show in the south! Hats off to a home run for the company and for Cassidy Riley and all his hard work.

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