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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-19 13:09:52
The documentary "GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling", which has played at a number of film festivals, will be released on DVD on 3/26. I haven't heard much about the film but am really looking forward to checking it out.

The ECW documentary put together by John Philapavage and Kevin Kiernan is almost completed. They are working on the musical score and some of the visual effects elements needed for the final product. They hope to release it in early 2013.

Bret Hart's ex-wife Julie Hart has written an autobiography titled "Hart Strings", set for a February 2013 release. The synopsis of the book reads, "Being married is one thing, but being married to Bret “Hitman” Hart—former five-time World Wrestling Entertainment Champion—is another. In her vibrant and honest memoir, Hart’s ex-wife and the mother of his four children chronicles the ups and downs of balancing life with a superstar husband in the circus world of professional wrestling. Beginning with Julie’s teen years and early romance with Bret, the story follows the couple’s marriage, children, divorce, and continued presence in each other’s lives, culminating in Julie’s growing role as one of the new matriarchs of the ever-expanding Hart family in Calgary. Vividly detailed and humorous, this authentic account of Julie’s life as an individual, wife, mother, sister, and friend is told by, quite arguably, the Hitman’s toughest opponent and greatest ally of all time."

ICW is running their first show in the New York City area in some time this Friday 1/21 at the NYWC Sportatorium in Deer Park, Long Island, headlined by Tommy Dreamer & Raven & The Sandman against Dan Maff & The Amazing Red & Danny Demanto, Roderick Strong vs. Papadon for the first time ever, plus Tony Nese, The SAT, Alex Reynolds vs. Jeez, Sami Callihan, Ricky Reyes, Adam Cole and lots more. It's a really loaded lineup. For more, visit The promotion will debut on 3/2 in Lake Ronkokoma, Long Island with the former Kelly Kelly appearing at Center Island Sports.

DDP Yoga, which it seems everyone who has ever used it raves about, issued the following:


Google just released Zeitgeist 2012, a montage of the year’s most searched-for and sensational videos-- including President Obama’s reelection, Hurricane Sandy the 2012 Summer Olympics, and all of 2012’s biggest, boldest blockbuster moments.

Right in the middle of it all is perhaps the year’s most unlikely hero: Wounded war veteran ARTHUR BOORMAN, who bounced back not only from severe obesity and disability but deep depression, rebuilding his body and his life through the revolutionary DDP Yoga system. Charting his progress with the DDP system in a grippingly inspirational viral video, Arthur became a hero to millions along the way.

Arthur chronicled his life-altering progress with the DDP system in a profoundly moving five minute video, which has 7,630,390 views since its release last spring- with over 200,000 in the last week alone.

Developed by iconic wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page as a results-driven workout to help him recover from a career-threatening injury, DDP Yoga is a unique, at home hybrid yoga workout system that stretches every muscle in the body, while at the same time, improving core strength, flexibility and mobility, as well as promoting significant weight loss. Arthur gained both a new body and new lease on life with help from DDP- not only shedding a staggering 140 lbs but keeping it off for 6 six years.

The video’s impact has been incredible. And although Arthur’s story is extreme- it is a version of something that millions of Americans struggle with: their weight and fitness- and the impact it has on their self-worth. At a moment when so many Americans are affected by this, Arthur and DDP have made a major mark on web search engines- and more importantly the lives of millions.

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