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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-07 10:00:00
What would have happened at the Extreme Rising iPPV had Matt Hardy not gotten injured?

The scheduled plan was for Hardy to pin Shane Douglas.

I was curious how iPPV contracts work. When WWE or any other company had talents on PPV, they obviously can't appear on another company's shows. But, this weekend, Adam Cole is doing the CZW iPPV. Luke Hawx was on WWE TV as an extra after being on the Extreme Rising iPPV, so what contractual obligations are there?

It all depends on the promotion involved. ROH does not allow talents to appear on other iPPVs without ROH consent. The other promotions likely don't have an issue with it. None of the promotions, except ROH, are going to have an issue with their talents getting WWE tryouts.

Whatever happened to Damian Kane and Lady Alexandra?

The pair are now living in Florida I believe, but are not currently working inside the business.

There was supposed to be a Tod Gordon book a few years ago, but it never came out. Where is it?

The book was shelved at Gordon's request as he felt they had missed the chance for the book to actually sell and make money after the WWE rebirth of ECW went haywire.

When is Jerry Lawler returning to the ring?

There's no official word but given the near tragedy on Raw, I hope it doesn't happen anytime soon. I do believe we haven't seen his last match, however.

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