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By Martin Bentley on 2012-10-28 08:54:39


*Miss Natural b. KC Spinelli
*Yumi Ohka b. Christina von Eerie
*Made in Sin (Taylor Made & Allysin Kay) b. Shazza McKenzie & Veda Scott
*Hiroyo Matsumoto b. Sassy Stephie
*Ryo Mizunami b. Courtney Rush
*Cheerleader Melissa b. Rhia O'Reilly
*Tomoka Nakagawa b. Davina Rose
*Kellie Skater b. Leva Bates
*Mercedes Martinez b. MsChif
*Ayako Hamada b. Kalamity
*Canadian Ninjas (Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews) b. LuKana (LuFisto & Kana) to retain the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship
*Saraya Knight b. Athena to retain the SHIMMER Championship


*Miss Natural b. Veda Scott
*Shazza McKenzie b. Santana
*Sassy Stephie b. Su Yung
*Courtney Rush b. Taylor Made
*Christina von Eerie b. Cherry Bomb, Kalamity and Ryo Mizunami
*Rhia O'Reilly b. Davina Rose
*Hiroyo Matsumoto b. Melanie Cruise
*Athena b. Tomoka Nakagawa
*Kellie Skater b. Yumi Ohka
*Ayako Hamada b. Kana
*Team Melissa (Cheerleader Melissa, MsChif, LuFisto, Allison Danger & Leva Bates) b. Team Knight (Saraya Knight, Portia Perez, Nicole Matthews, Mercedes Martinez & Lexie Fyfe) in a 5 on 5 elimination match - Melissa and MsChif were the survivors.

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