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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-28 09:59:00

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Who do you think is/was a better evaluator of wrestling talent – Vince McMahon or Paul Heyman?

I would go with Heyman because Vince was never really the guy who went out and got the talent while Heyman did a lot more of that.  Plus, Heyman made much better use of it while Vince, as the head of creative, has done a poor job in getting the most out of the guys he has been given lately.  Heyman was also a lot better in taking what a guy had to offer and working with it while Vince has always like a specific prototype of worker.

Since the Screwjob have Bret and Earl Hebner met and made up?

Earl has said they have.  I don't know if Bret has ever commented.  I would have a hard time ever trusting Earl, who was a good friend to Bret, again if he did that to me.

Joe Sherman sent this update. ... Bret Hart noted in his book that shortly after joining WCW he went to a WWF house show in Calgary at the invite of Owen and buried the hatchet with Earl Hebner as a favor to Owen.

Half joking/ half serious. Hell in a Cell- unbeatable monster, cowardly heel. Ryberg...can you say Taser?

GOD NO!  If that happens tonight it would be so lame, just like it was last time it was done in WCW.

So AJ is forced to resign because of an alleged affair with a superstar, and is replaced by someone who has actually had affairs with superstars, within the storylines of course. Really? They couldn't have thought of anything better than that?

I said the same thing all last week. It is really ridiculous.  And Vince wonders why people are tuning out Raw!

How does this sound, WWE unify the two World Titles and the US & IC Titles, then use The Main Event and Superstars to showcase the Mid-Card and Tag Team Titles/Performers, Smackdown and Raw for the World Title, and a Diva Show on their Network, to go along with the Cruiserweight show?

I would love to see one top title and one mid card title, with the guys in the running for each pushed strongly.  But as long WWE does things like have Ryback squash Miz, then expect us to care about Miz vs. Kofi at tonight's PPV, I just don't put much faith in their process.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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