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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-25 23:09:42
Jeremy Borash and Todd Kenely worked the first hour of TNA Impact Wrestling tonight as a way to freshen up the show, according to two sources we spoke to after the show went off the air. The call was one that Eric Bischoff made, we are told.

Kenely has done announcing for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and the BHE Celebrity Championship Wrestling series (man, I really do miss that show) in the past. He was given really high marks for his performance and poise in what was his first ever work on live TV tonight.

The main event of the TNA Turning Point PPV will be TNA champ Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries in a Bound for Glory rematch.

The King Mo footage filmed at OVW last night was Mo simply sitting at ringside watching some of the taping.

I have to say I popped when I saw Christian York was the Gutcheck competitor this week. York was always a hard working talent and deserved a break a long, long time ago.

There's a lot of good buzz around the British Bootcamp reality series. Challenge TV is said to be very happy with the initial episodes.

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