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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-24 12:50:16
WWE will be doing their Youtube pre-game show for Sunday's Hell in A Cell PPV. The pre-show will feature John Cena responding to the AJ Lee controversy from Raw.

Mick Foley noted on Twitter that he would be interested in narrating the planned Dyamite Kid documentary.  Thanks to our pal Jill J. for passing that on.  For more on the documentary's Kickstarter campaign, click here.

Chris Jericho clarified his comments on Ryback and CM Punk from his appearance on the "Busted Open" series on satellite radio, noting on Twitter, "Let me clarify- @cmpunk is already a money drawing, ratings drawing, MASSIVE star. @Ryback22 is not. But a big win on Sun can make him one."

Former New Japan star Ricky Reyes was at this week's WWE TV tapings as well.  He's been on the WWE radar for some time.  As we noted this morning, Sami Callihan worked a dark match last night.

WWE has released a pre-sale code for the 12/17 Raw taping in Philadelphia using code JOHNCENA.

Kofi Kingston & Kaitlyn will be signing on 11/2 at the Saturn Market in Hamburg, Germany at 4 PM.

WWE featured a piece on Ringsidefest over the weekend in NYC at this link.

WWE has released a new t-shirt featuring CM Punk as the devil based on the Hell in A Cell poster.

THQ has launched a Facebook application allowing fans to place themselves on the cover of the WWE '13 videogame at  For more on the game, click the graphic below:

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