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By Cohen Morrison on 2011-05-14 09:27:43
- Chris Masters beat Jack Swagger.

- Percy Watson beat Zack Ryder.  R-Truth attacked Percy after the match and R-Truth cut a heel promo.

- R-Truth beat Evan Bourne.

- Mason Ryan beat Primo.

- US Champion Kofi Kingston and Tag Team Champion Big Show beat Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk.  Del Rio got a big pop before the match.

- Divas Championship: Brie Bella (c) with Nikki Bella beat Eve Torres.  After the match, Kharma came out and destroyed Eve with her finisher.

Sin Cara beat Dolph Ziggler.  Cara had a huge pop from his hometown.

MainEvent for the WWE Championship: John Cena (c) beat The Miz.
- Miz cut a heel promo about Mexico City-based America to a chorus of boos.
- Cena posed and high- fived the fans after the match but Del Rio and Cara's pops were bigger.

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