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By Mike Johnson on 2010-05-18 20:36:42
Mark P. called in the following:


*CM Punk in the ring with three indy workers sitting on stools.  The only recognizable worker is Ontario/Quebec wrestler Michael Von Payton (InterSpecies Wrestling, C*4 and others). Gallows and Sarena are running down young drinking in Canada. Punk leads the Straight Edge Pledge. All three have their heads shaved bald. Rey Mysterio comes out and shows photos on the screen of what Punk would look like bald. An irate Punk attacks all the pledges out of frustration.

*Layla and Michelle McCool (announced as the co-Women's champions) defeated Tiffany and Kelly Kelly.

*Big Show does a promo on the Titantron making fun of Jack Swagger.

*JTG pinned Croft.

*Vickie Guerrero is speaking with Christian backstage. She asks who the first guest on the new Peep show will be. She intimates it should be her. Christian says he wants viewers, so no.

*Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins defeat Ontario independents wrestlers Jeremy Prophet and Tyler Tirva.

*More Big Show ripping on Jack Swagger on the Titantron.

*Kofi Kingston pinned WWE World champion Jack Swagger with a high cross bodyblock in a non-title match when Big Show distracted Swagger.

*The Guest on the Peep Show is Hornswoggle.  Christian teaches Hornswoggle how to speak Canadian and say 'eh', as well as beer and hockey.  Vickie and Chavo Guerrero come out.  Vickie says she's shutting down the Peep Show.  Christian calls Vickie a moose.  Hornswoggle hides in a box.  Chavo enters the ring.   Ziggler attacks Christian from behind, laying him out. 

*Rey Mysterio & MVP defeated CM Punk & Luke Gallows.  Mysterio gets the pin on Punk, despite an attempt by the hooded S.E.S. member to interfere.

*Big Show defeated WWE Intercontinental champ Drew McIntyre by DQ.

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