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By Mike Johnson on 2012-03-31 20:10:22
They played a video feature for Mike Tyson.

Shawn Michaels and Triple H came out to induct Tyson. Michaels talked of Tyson's boxing career and how you had to see a Tyson fight because it was an event. It led to a story about them rushing from a show to see a Tyson fight and Michaels missing it. They were doing comedy stuff.

HHH said Tyson helped turn the tide of the Monday Night Wars with his encounter with Steve Austin, joining DX and then knocking out Michaels at Mania 14. Michaels teased that he wasn't liking being the butt of the joke like he was last year. This led to a bunch of back and forth comedy banter. HHH even mocked Michaels being "better than him.". That led to a "Shawn was Better" chant.

They were cracking up trying to introduce Tyson.

Tyson thanked everyone. He said it was so overwhelming to be a Hall of Famer in WWE. He said he grew up watching Bruno Sammartino, Lou Albano, Moondog Mayne, The Valiant Brothers and others.

He said that he always wanted to be a wrestler and he appreciates being part of this family. He said that if he didn't do Wrestlemania he would have been disgusted not to have done it. He said he was over three hours alcohol free. He said his family never came to his boxing fights but they came here.

Tyson started joking about John Cena really being black and making gang signs. He started talking about making movies and getting back in the public eye again. He then talked about how Dusty Rhodes was really black and walked off laughing.

Tyson was obviously having the time of his life but it was hard to understand him due to his speech mannerisms.

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